Explaining Organizations and Spaces


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  • Explain how to use organizations and spaces

Subaccounts, Organizations, and Spaces


When you enable the Cloud Foundry environment in one of your subaccounts, the system automatically creates a Cloud Foundry organization for you. The subaccount and the org have a 1:1 relationship and the same navigation level in the cockpit (even though they may have different names). You can create spaces within that Cloud Foundry organization. Spaces let you further break down your account model and use services and functions in the Cloud Foundry environment.


An organization is a development account that an individual or multiple collaborators can own and use. All collaborators access an organization with user accounts, which have roles such as Org Manager or Org Auditor.


A space provides users with access to a shared location for application development, deployment, and maintenance. An organization can contain multiple spaces. Every application, service, and route are linked to a space. Roles provide access control for these resources and each space role applies only to a particular space.

Manage Users and Roles in the BTP

Manage Subscriptions in the BTP

Manage Spaces in the BTP

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