Auditing Planning Data


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Audit planning data.

Activate and Use Data Audit

Data audit is used to log and report on changes to transaction data in the model.

Enable Data Audit in a Model

Data audit is a low-overhead way to track who changed what transaction data and when. There's no performance impact.

Data Audit enabled in the model

Data audit activation will log changes to public data. The log starts only at the point of activation. Any changes made before activating the Data Audit setting aren't logged.

Access the Data Audit Report

The data audit report is accessed via Navigation BarSecurityData Changes.

To use the report:

  • Select the model.
  • Change columns as needed.
  • Filter.
  • Download to excel.
  • Delete all data, a specific range, or based on age.

Imported data will appear in the Signed Data Old column, for example 225,000. If the user inputs 230,000, that will appear in the Signed Data New column and 5,000 will appear in the Signed Data Delta column in Modified audit action. Data in a public version that was copied via version management will appear with a New audit action.


You can filter the audit report by: Audit Time, Audit User, Audit Action, and other model dimensions.

Delete Audit Data

Audit data can be manually deleted.

Delete audit data


There's no known impact on performance by using data audit. And, the records can be deleted from the data audit table manually. There's no option to delete data automatically based on age.

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