Administering the File Repository Servers (FRS)


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  • Define the role of the File Repository Servers

File Repository Servers

See the following scenario depicting how the file storage works in the BI platform.

Administrators need to ensure that the FRS status are Running and Enabled at all times to manage the storage and retrieval of various BI documents.  To resolve document processing, versioning and sharing issues within the BI environment, the first step is check if there are any issues related to FRS and the File Store Directory used to store BI documents.

Before we cover how to verify the correct behavior of the FRS, let’s cover some the FRS role and properties.

There are two types of FRS, the Input and Output FRS. The Input FRS stores any object a user saves to the BI platform. The Output FRS stores successful instances (a copy of the original report with saved data) that is generated by the Adaptive Job Server. 

Input FRS Properties

The File Store Directory is the physical path or location on the server’s file system where BI reports or files are stored. Administrators need to ensure that there are sufficient disk spaces to allocated to the File Store Directory.

FRS Placeholders are variables or dynamic placeholders used in the configuration setting of the FRS . These placeholders are replaced with actual values during run-time, providing flexible and adaptability in the configuration.

For wdlbmt5072.InputFile Repository, the actual path of where files are stored is D:/Program Files (x86)/SAP BusinessObjects/SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0/FileStore/Input/.

The following link describes the Input File Repository Server Properties.

Input File Repository Server properties

Output FRS Properties

The following link describes the Output File Repository Server Properties.

Output File Repository Server properties

FRS Metrics

The following link describes the server metrics that appear on the Metrics screen for Input and Output File Repository Servers.

File Repository Server Metric

Verify the Correct Behavior of the FRS

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