Administering the Web Intelligence Servers


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Identify the Web Intelligence Processing Server configuration settings.

Web Intelligence Processing Server

See the following scenario depicting how to examine the configuration settings and sessions for the Web Intelligence Processing Server.

Web Intelligence Processing Server is important for generation, interactivity, and distribution of Web Intelligence reports.  Administrators need to ensure proper configuration and the server status is Running and Enabled.

The following are the functions of the Web Intelligence Processing Server:

  • Generating Web Intelligence documents.

  • Retrieve document creation requests from the Web Application Server.

  • Communicates with the Input File Repository Server to get a copy of the Web Intelligence document (WID) and the universe definition.

  • Returns the historical instance of the WID from the Output File Repository Server.

Web Intelligence Service Category

When you create, save, schedule, and view a Web Intelligence document, several servers handle different parts of the request. The following links identify each service:

Service categories

Web Intelligence Core Service

Idle Document Timeout refers to the duration of inactivity after which a user session with a Web Intelligence document will be automatically terminated for security and resource management purposes.

Administrators can adjust this timeout setting to balance security considerations with user experience. If a user is inactive for the specified period, the system will automatically log them out to prevent unauthorized access.

Web Intelligence Common Service

Enabled document cache enables Web Intelligence Processing Server to cache and reuse query results and report components to enhance performance. Cached documents can be reused by multiple users, reducing the need to re-execute queries and speeding up report rendering.

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