Configuring Delegated Administration


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Delegate control in the CMC

Controlling CMC Tab Access

You, as a system administrator, has access to all CMC tabs. The following guidelines help you administer the CMC tabs that principals can access.

  • To simplify the management process, you want to manage CMC tab access on a group level.
  • For CMC tabs that have top-level folders, you grant access to a tab and grant the View right on the top-level folder of the tab.
Management of CMC tab access affects only the visual appearance of the CMC user interface. To hide CMC tabs isn’t a security measure, because it doesn't set or change security rights on objects within tabs. To stop users from doing prohibited operations, you need to set appropriate security rights on objects.

Inheritance of CMC Tab Access

CMC tab access rights and the permission to configure CMC tab access for other principals are both applied and inherited like other BI platform security rights.

If a principal is a member of two groups, tab access is calculated like other BI platform rights. For example, a CMC tab is granted to you in one of the groups and denied in the other, you won't have access to the CMC tab.

Changing the CMC tab access right of a group changes the same tab access for all principals in the group, when their CMC tab access is set to Inherited.

Tab access set on the user level always supersedes tab access inherited from user groups.

See the following video to know how to create a delegated administrator for CMC.

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