Defining Interactive Installation


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Implement interactive installation options

Technical Prerequisites

See the following scenario depicting the options to install the BI platform.

Before you begin the actual installation of the BI platform, make sure that the following requirements are met as listed in the Planning and Preparation link:

The following links takes you to the Planning section which reference important document such as the Product Availability Matrix (PAM). The PAM document details supported versions of operating system, application servers, database server, and other components BI platform can be installed on.


The following link details how to prepare for installation:


Installation Options

There are three different methods of running the installation program for the BI platform:

  • Interactive installation: An interactive wizard prompts for all information related to the installation. Use this options to select individual installation options from a series of screens.
  • Silent installation: Installation options are given on the command line or in a text file. The silent option is useful if you want to install the same configuration on several machines.
  • Phase-wise installation: The installation is done in two phases – Caching and Installation after caching.

Interactive Installation Method

The following are the steps for Interactive Installation.

To run an interactive installation

Desktop Client Applications

The following are some of the desktop client applications by the BI platform Client Tools installation program:

Client Tools Interactive Installation Method

The following are the details of the installation of the BI platform Client Tools:

To run an interactive installation of Client Tools

Phase-Wise Installation

In addition to the single-phase standard installation, a more efficient way is to use Phase-wise Installation.

You do phase-wise installation in two phases – Caching and installation after caching:

  • Caching is the process of copying the software to the installation
  • Installation after caching is the actual installation process

Click on the following Phase-wise installation link to view detail instructions.

To run a phase-wise installation

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