Navigate Crystal Reports process flows


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  • Navigate Crystal Reports process flows

Crystal Reports Editions

See the following scenario depicting how the various Crystal Reports servers work together.

There are currently two distinct versions of Crystal Reports:

  • Crystal Reports 2020 C++-based application.
  • Crystal Reports for Enterprise java-based.

This course will focus on Crystal Reports 2020 as it was announced Crystal Reports for Enterprise will be discontinued in the next major release.

Crystal Report Services

Crystal Report Services

Administrators need to configure and maintain the Crystal Report services to ensure the proper functioning of the reporting environment.  

This task includes settings related to server configuration, database connections, and other system parameters. 

Report Servers

SAP Crystal Reports 2020 Report Application Server (RAS)

The following are the benefits of using SAP Crystal Reports 2020 Report Application Server (RAS):

  • It gives ad-hoc reporting features.

  • It allows you to create and change Crystal reports using the SAP Crystal Reports Server Embedded Software Development Kit (SDK).

Crystal Reports Processing Server

The following features of the Crystal Reports Processing Server:

  • Responds to page requests from Crystal Reports for Enterprise.

  • Retrieves data for the report.

  • Generates the report and converts the data to encapsulated page format (EPF) files.

  • EPF files are sent to the Crystal Reports Cache Server.

  • EPF supports page-on-demand, so only the asked page is returned, not the entire report.

  • Improves system performance and reduces unnecessary network traffic.

Crystal Reports Service Category

The table shows various Crystal Reports service categories and how these services are used.

Crystal Reports 2020 SchedulingAdaptive Job ServerExecutes schedules Crystal Reports 2020
Crystal Reports SchedulingAdaptive Job ServerExecutes schedules for Crystal Reports for Enterprise
Crystal Reports Cache ServiceCrystal Reports Cache ServerViewing Crystal Reports (of either type), both instances and on demand
Crystal Reports 2020 Processing ServiceCrystal Reports 2020 Processing ServerViewing and Refreshing Crystal Reports 2020
Crystal Reports Processing ServiceCrystal Reports Processing ServerViewing and Refreshing Crystal Reports for Enterprise
Crystal Reports 2020 Viewing and Modification ServiceCrystal Reports 2020 Report Application ServerManipulating Crystal Reports 2020 via the SDK

Crystal Reports Cache Service

Crystal Reports Cache Server handles the storage and retrieval of cached reports. Administrator need to allocate sufficient resources such as memory and disk space for the Cache Files Directory.

Crystal Reports Processing Service

Setting the maximum concurrent jobs to 0 means there is no enforced limit on the number of concurrent jobs. In other words, the server can handle unlimited number of concurrent jobs. Administrator need to confirm if sufficient resources are available. If resources are not sufficient, this will affect the BI platform performance and responsiveness.

Crystal Reports Process Flows

This figure summarizes the possible viewing scenarios when viewing Crystal Reports. This complexity enables Crystal Reports to scale more efficiently (such as for larger reports and data sets). This feature is called Page on Demand.

The specific servers involved, and how a request to view a page is processed, depend upon a number of factors:

  • Type of Request (On-Demand or Instance)
  • Contents of Cache (is page already stored? and still valid?)
  • Configuration settings on the servers (Idle time out, shared data allowed?)

For more details on the different process flows, refer to these process flows in the Business Intelligence Platform Administrator Guide

Viewing a cached SAP Crystal report page | SAP Help Portal

Viewing an SAP Crystal Reports 2020 report on demand | SAP Help Portal

Manage Crystal Reports Servers

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