Organizing Objects in the BI Platform


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Manage objects in the BI platform
  • Create folders in the BI platform
  • Create and assign categories in the BI platform

Available Actions for Objects in BI Platform

Actions include the following:

  • Add an object.

  • Delete an object.

  • Create an object shortcut.

In the BI platform, you can add objects to a folder in the repository. Once on object such as report exists in the repository, it can be copied, moved, deleted, and you can create shortcuts.

Shortcuts are useful for giving a user access to an object within a folder, without giving that user access to other folder's objects.

When you delete an object, that object is moved to the BI Recycle Bin. You can restore the deleted object from the Recycle Bin in the BI Launch Pad or CMC.

Folders in BI Platform

Folders organize objects. Each object must be stored in a folder. Because you can set security at the folder level, you can use folders to control access to information.

Usually, the BI platform administrator creates and manages folders.

Assigning rights to folders in the BI platform is done in the Folders management area of the Central Management Console.

Manage Content in the BI Platform

Categories: Organize content

Categories give an alternative way of organizing and navigating objects.

With content organized into departmental folders, you can use categories to further divide and control access to content by organizational roles.

There are two types of categories:

  • Corporate: Can be created and viewed by groups and users who have the permissions.
  • Personal: Created by a user. Only visible to the owner through the BI Launch Pad and administrators through the CMC.
While all objects must be contained in folders, category assignment is optional; that's why, it’s important to note the following:
  • You can assign permissions (rights) to a category, but the objects assigned to the category can't inherit category permissions.
  • An object in a category inherits the rights with the folder in which it resides.
  • An object can be in more than one category.

Create Categories and Assign Objects

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