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Due to a security policy update at The Mock Company, you have been asked to enforce security passwords. Your SAP Analytics Cloud production tenant uses SAP Cloud Identity as the default IdP. As an SAP Analytics Cloud administrator, what do you have to do to update all SAP Analytics user passwords for the production tenant?
Choose the correct answer.
Teams can be created in an SAP Analytics Cloud development tenant then exported to an SAP Analytics Cloud production tenant.
Choose the correct answer.
A user can be assigned a role directly or by virtue of their team membership.
Choose the correct answer.
Standard application roles can be edited or deleted.
Choose the correct answer.
You have been asked to create 5 new users manually from the Users page. Which of the following is not a mandatory field when creating a user?
Choose the correct answer.
Of the following statements, select all that are true about teams.
There are two correct answers.
Which of the following methods can't be used for user creation in SAP Analytics Cloud?
Choose the correct answer.
Only administrators create data actions for planning workflows.
Choose the correct answer.
A user in SAP Analytics Cloud can belong to multiple teams.
Choose the correct answer.

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