Using the Display Technical Users App


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Use the Display Technical Users app

Display Technical Users App


This lesson allows you to:

  • Identify the main functions of the Display Technical Users app.
  • Explain the differences between the three groups of technical users.

With the Display Technical Users app, you can display all technical users in the system. All technical users are assigned to one of the following user groups:

  • SAP technical users
  • Communication users
  • Support users

Identifying an SAP Technical User

Technical users are predefined by SAP to run tasks in the system for cloud operation activities and automated processes. For example, an SAP technical user is required for customer-specific tasks, such as running and scheduling jobs. The required job template contains the SAP technical user needed to run the job by default.

Identifying an SAP Communication User

Communication users are technical users required for communication between your system and any integrated system. The following types of communication users are available:

  • SAP communication users: Predefined by SAP
  • Communication users: Created by customers

Custom communication users are created in the Maintain Communication Users app and are assigned to systems for inbound and outbound communication. These technical users either use basic authentication or certificates to communicate between your system and the integrated system.

The communication system, together with a communication scenario, is assigned to a communication arrangement. Thus, all communication scenario roles are assigned to the communication user, which provides this user with all permission required for the connection between your system and the integrated system.

Identifying a Support User

SAP uses support users to provide customers with support if issues occur in the system. These users only exist temporarily and are deleted by SAP after the support process is completed.

This app has two tabs:

  • Technical User
  • SAP Support User Request Log

In the Technical User tab, you can display technical users that support services which are used to automate technical tasks in the system, for example, a print queue user who pulls print jobs remotely. In addition, if troubleshooting is required to resolve an incident, the service and support users of the software provider or hosting provider who access the system are also technical users.

In the SAP Support User Request Log tab, you can display more information about when and why SAP support users accessed your customer system in the past 12 months. For each support user, the relevant incident ID, access level, access category, customer user, request date and validity date is displayed when you click on the required entry in the Users list. SAP support user IDs are pseudonymized in order to respect the data subject rights of SAP employees in accordance with data privacy laws, such as GDPR.


You're now familiar with the Display Technical Users app.

You know how to communicate with the different types of technical users that are embedded in the app.

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