Navigating in Cost Center Accounting Reports


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Recall the core reports for cost center accounting

Cost Center Plan – Actual Reporting

In order to report your data, you have to make yourself familiar with the reporting interface. In this lesson we will go over basic reporting functions and check the uploaded plan data.

At the end of the period, the planned costs can be compared with the corresponding actual costs. The determined plan/actual variances can be analyzed with regard to their causes and are then the subject of further control measures within management accounting. For this we will use the Cost Centers Plan/Actual app to demonstrate a typical report.

Check the following figure for a first orientation in the reporting app (it is best to view it in full screen):

The same app can be used to report on the plan activity values. In addition, you can select the hierarchy you created with the Manage Global Hierarchies app. You can then expand and collapse the hierarchy nodes as needed.

To report on the other planning data you previously uploaded, different apps are used:

  • Cost rate: Manage Cost Rates Plan.
  • Statistical key figures: Where-Used List Statistical Key Figures.

Analyze Cost Plan Data

Check the Planned Activity Outputs, Inputs, and Cost Rates

See Planned Statistical Key Figure Values on Cost Centers

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