Using Project Controlling Reports


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Use SAP S/4HANA embedded analytics

Project Financial Reporting

You need to identify the main analytical apps to use to ensure a good follow-up of your projects.

You want to review the planned and budgeted data for your projects in an SAP S/4HANA report and discover the possible display and editing settings (such as available views, bookmark creation, report export, and navigation to other relevant apps). You want to understand how to customize the report layout and save your custom layout for future use.

As in most of the reporting apps, selecting displayed elements enables you to perform additional analysis or actions. Depending on your needs, you choose different apps:

  • Apps to monitor projects: Project Financial Controller Overview, Project Control - Enterprise Projects, Monitor Projects.
  • Apps to follow-up on actual and plan data of projects: Project Cost Report Plan/Actual, Project Cost Report – Line Items, Projects Actual.
  • Apps to check the budget and commitments on projects: Project Budget Report.

Reporting apps will enable you, once the project you are interested in is selected, to access an overview about costs, budget, and plan data. Then, from this display, you have the possibility to analyze the details using the Analyze in option.

Example of drill-down approach:

  • 1. Open the Project Control – Enterprise Projects app
  • 2. Filter the project(s)
  • 3. Select the project(s)
  • 4. Choose Analyze in
  • 5. Select, for example, the Monitor Projects app

Then choose to View Costs or View Budget.

In the figure you will get a quick overview of some of the main reporting apps.

Hide/Unhide a Card

This is a quick run-through of the process to use a card.


  1. Open the Project Financial Overview app.

  2. Select the Settings for your user (top right corner).

  3. Select Manage Cards.

  4. Check/Uncheck for each card to show/hide it.


The card is displayed/hidden.


Each card can be manually assigned to the Insights section of the space for your user. Each card can be moved by drag and drop in the display.

Add a Card to Insights

This is a quick run-through of the process to add a card to Insights.


  1. Open the Project Financial Controller Overview app.

  2. Use the button of a card.

  3. Select + Add Card to Insights.

  4. Go to the Insights section of the Home tab.


The card is displayed on the Home tab.

Report Actual and Plan Data

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