Introduction to Guided Analysis


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify and locate the details needed for your analysis
  • Utilize other guided analyses

Introduction to Guided Analysis

Guided analysis is detailed information that provides step-by-step guidance to help you analyze business processes and identify areas for improvement using SAP Signavio Process Insights. It shows how you can use that process flow to analyze and improve process performance.

Guided analysis guides users through a structured process analysis, making it easier to identify inefficiencies and potential issues in the process. The information highlights typical improvement opportunities that you can pursue to identify bottlenecks and analyze the root causes of issues.


  • No need to be an expert to analyze process performance and understand the context of the provided content.
  • Supports you to focus on one area at a time and drill down to root causes.
  • Resolve process challenges much faster by knowing which actions to take.

How to access guided analyses

You can find the guided analysis within the Reference Guide for Business Content from directly within SAP Signavio Process Insights. For every process flow and standard performance indicator, you see a link to the Reference Guide which will then open in a separate window. 

Above several process flows, you will see Reference Guide with Guided Analysis (image below). Here, you get detailed guidance on how to analyze your process performance.

What kind of Information does Guided Analysis Provide?

Within a guided analysis, you can obtain detailed process information. First, let's take a look at an example of a process flow and see how we can access a guided analysis in the Reference Guide.  

In the video, once we selected the link Reference Guide with Guided Analysis, we saw a table of contents on the left-hand side. There you can find an entry for each process flow and standard performance indicator that is implemented for SAP Signavio Process Insights. Each time you see an arrow on the left of a process flow name, this means that there's a guided analysis available for this process flow. If you open this, you see several sections that provide process-specific information on performance.

Let's review what information each section includes

Let's look into the Sections of the Guided Analysis

Let's take a deeper look into the sections and information that the guided analysis provides. In the video below, you will see an example using the modular process, "Plan to Optimize Fulfillment." We'll view one of our process flows with a low completion rate and high number of blockers. From there, we'll select Reference Guide with Guided Analysis to gain more insights into our process flow and optimize our process with SAP Signavio Process Insights. Click Play to begin.

Navigating through your process flow

For information about where to find any stages or blockers mentioned in the analyses, you can always refer to the image in the Guided Analyses for Improvement Opportunities section which links the analyzed boxes to each subsection. 


You can see the screenshot below as a reference for filters. When you select one of the opportunities for improvement, you'll see a table that tells you which filter and corresponding filter values to add.

Which Process Flows contain a guided analysis?

Which Process Flows Contain a Guided Analysis?

With each release of SAP Signavio Process Insights, new guided analyses are published, so watch out for the extended Reference Guide with Guided Analysis link within your SAP Signavio Process Insights tenant.

Within the Reference Guide, you can also check the table under "Available Process Flows" which includes a "With Guided Analysis" or "New Guided Analysis" label, or just look for the arrows next to the process flow name.

Great Job!

Great work completing this section on guided analysis. In this lesson, you learned how to navigate through a guided analysis to improve process performance of your process flow. Continue on for the final course assessment.

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