SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite Integration


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Understand the integration of SAP Signavio Process Intelligence in further products

SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite Integration

The integration of SAP Signavio Process Intelligence in further products of the SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite is versatile. In the following sections, the suite's individual products and the integration capabilities will be covered in additional sections:

  • SAP Signavio Collaboration Hub:
    • Monitoring Widgets
    • Customer Journeys and Live KPI
  • SAP Signavio Process Manager:
    • Operational Insights
  • SAP Signavio Process Governance:
    • Case Export / Workflow Mining
Administration rights are required.

SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub

Everything you need is in one place. Data, process models, workflows, dictionary, and analysis can all be accessed directly from the Hub. The SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub has all SAP Signavio products such as SAP Signavio Process Manager, SAP Signavio Process Governance and SAP Signavio Process Intelligence. 

For Process Intelligence analysts, the Process Collaboration Hub is essential to access and analyze Process Intelligence. There is Dashboards, Investigations, or Monitoring Widgets that can be linked on the start page or into process diagrams.

Monitoring Widgets - Access your Investigations from the Suite Launchpad

The Launchpad can be used as a central access point for SAP Signavio Products and especially for the monitoring of Process Intelligence content. Process Intelligence Investigations can be easily shared through the Collaboration Hub outside the editing framework, by using the monitoring widgets. As you can see in the image above, it will help you to keep an eye on the most important widgets or most relevant KPIs and statistics.

Overall, you will have benefits of:

  • Fast sharing
  • Leverage the benefits of Signavio products from one location
  • Gain insights and act immediately

Step by step instruction

We will guide you through the process of setting up Monitoring widgets

See how it works according to the following images.

1. Choose Widget

Select a widget out of your Process Intelligence investigation and copy the Widget ID by using the 3 dots in the widget window.

2. Head to the SAP Signavio Collaboration Hub Settings

After copying the ID, go to the Process Collaboration Hub, open the settings and select Home pageMonitoring Widgets for SAP Signavio Process Intelligence. Paste the widget ID into the fields. Make sure to the desired audience selected and the Show on Homeis checked.

3. Check your Monitoring Widgets on the Landing Page

Go back to your Process Collaboration Hub landing page. You can now check the widgets from here and will always have a quicker insight into the most important KPIs and statistics out of your investigations.

Customer Journey Widgets - SAP Signavio Journey Modeler

The table-based customer journey gives you a holistic presentation of available information. All relevant information, such as process steps, phases, emotions and data can be seen at a glance.

You can also copy the widget IDs (as shown in the previous step) and add them to the grid as tiles to make customer-specific KPIs visible. As shown in the picture, you can gain a better understanding of the Process Intelligence key insights or values, such as durations and costs.

In order to use this feature (SAP Signavio Journey Modeler), it is necessary to purchase an additional license. Contact us at for a demo request.

Process Live Insights - SAP Signavio Process Manager

Live Insightsis the new way of showing live process performance insights on top of traditional process diagrams.

Selected widgets in SAP Signavio Process Intelligence (value, time series, histogram, bar chart etc.) have now one extra entry in the dropdown menu where their widget ID can be copied. Users can then open any BPMN or Value Chain diagram and select an available shape. For each shape, a driving widget and additional widgets can be configured, all you need to do is copy and paste the widget ID. Once it's saved and published, the new live diagram is available in the Process Collaboration Hub. Here, users can visualize the overall live diagram and drill down each shape and display a preview of the connected widgets. A link to the related SAP Signavio Process Intelligence investigation is always available. 

Overall, you will be able to:

  • Create dynamic process diagrams  
  • Expose Process Performance Indicators to multiple internal stakeholders and executives
  • Make process management accessible in your organization

Step by Step Instruction

Now, let's look at the steps to set up Live Insights.

1. Choose Widget

Open an SAP Signavio Process Intelligence Investigation and select the widget you would like to show. Use widgets in Process Intelligence to create operational insights in Process models, just copy the Widget ID.

2. Copy Widget-ID

Copy the widget ID to clipboard by opening the drill down menu and clicking on Copy Widget ID.

3. Head to SAP Signavio Process Manager - Editor

Go to SAP Signavio Process Manager and open the diagram we would like to use in the Editor.

A new shape type on the left-hand side of the Editor is available and is called Live Insights. If not, please select the subset drill-down menu and select BPMN (complete + Live Insights"). The Live Insights will display business performance data in a business diagram. Several Live Insight shapes are available.

Drag and drop the shape you prefer in the desired position. The shapes can be positioned anywhere on the diagram and do not have to attached to shapes necessarily.

4. Define the Attributes

Opening the Attributes tab gives you the possibility to define the behavior of the shape.

By clicking on Manual Value, we can define a static manual behavior. Select No information if you want to have an Process Intelligence widget driving the behavior. If we want to have a widget driving the behavior of the Live Insight, we simply paste the widget ID you copied earlier in the Driving Widget field. 

In the Multiple display field, other widgets can be included by clicking the "+" button. Widgets can come from multiple investigations and multiple processes. It's possible to add additional widgets for display purposes. Display-only widgets are listed here and can be re-arranged, edited or removed.

5. Save, Publish, and Go!

After setting up the live insight shape into the process, we can save and publish the BPMN diagram. In Process Collaboration Hub the Live Insight is already available and shows a preview of the current performance. Every widget has a link to its investigation for further analysis.

Live Insight

  • The Average Time of Ticket to Resolution is the driving widget and as it falls in the orange threshold, the shape shows an orange indicator.
  • The Ticket to Initial Reaction Timeis a display-only widget and is used to provide context or additional info.

What are the benefits of process integration?

  1. It allows you to make live and dynamic process diagrams. 
  2. Easily show Process Performance Indicators to multiple internal stakeholders without needing to access a full-blown process analysis.
  3. Reduces the amount of time employees must spend to maintain their processes and data analytics. 

SAP Signavio Process Governance

Workflow Mining  is a new feature. It allows you to quickly export event logs from the executed workflows and perform process analysis with SAP Signavio Process Intelligence.


  • Understand real execution of workflows
  • Improved management and monitoring
  • Better compliance

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