Understanding Master Data


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Explain master data as it relates to SAP Integration Suite, managed gateway.

Master Data

There are various objects created and maintained in your back-end SAP system. These objects can be related to organizational data, accounting data, supplier data, user data, cross-application configuration data, funds management data, and more. They're imported into your SAP Ariba Source-to-Settle solution, such as SAP Ariba Sourcing or SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing. These objects are called master data.

Master data consists of general but important information stored in your back-end SAP system that is used in SAP Ariba Source-to-Settle solutions to construct various transaction documents such as contracts, requisitions, receipts, or invoices.

The SAP Ariba Source-to-Settle solutions provide the integration events for standard data imports from the SAP System. Because your SAP System implementation can contain additional data to be included with the SAP Ariba Source-to-Settle solutions for different transactions documents, you can modify these data imports to include such supplementary data.

The add-on software components delivered for Managed Gateway have a standard program to extract necessary master data objects from your back-end SAP system and transmit it to the desired SAP Ariba Source-to-Settle solution.

You can import master data by running integrations events manually from SAP Ariba Administrator.

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