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SAP Asset Management – Historical Work Orders & its usage

SAP Asset Management – Historical Work Orders & its usage


Delve into SAP's Historical Work Orders, mastering seamless data migration and efficient archiving. Learn to capture comprehensive maintenance history, including permits, technical details, and notifications. Analyse costs, differentiate between maintenance types, and calculate key metrics like MTTR, MTBR, and MTBF. Elevate your asset management strategy with insights gained from historical data, optimizing preventive maintenance frequencies, and making informed decisions. This course is essential for professionals aiming to harness the full potential of SAP in optimizing maintenance processes and asset performance.

Learning objectives

After participating in this live session, you will be able to: - Master SAP Historical Work Orders, seamlessly migrating data, and optimizing space through archiving - Acquire skills to capture detailed maintenance history, analyse costs, and leverage key metrics for informed asset management - This course empowers professionals to enhance efficiency and strategic decision-making in the realm of maintenance processes.

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