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SAP Business Network Supply Chain Subcontracting & Multi-tier Collaboration

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This session focuses on Subcontracting and Multi-Tier Collaboration topics including:

* Creating a Subcontracting Purchase Order
* Sending Component Ship Notices
* Sending Component Receipts
* Consuming Components
* Updating inventory with backflush or real-time consumption
* Creating Multi-Tier orders
* Copy Purchase Orders, copy Order Confirmations, and copy Advance Ship Notices
* Combining Subcontracting and Multi-Tier orders
* The end-to-end process flow for Subcontracting with Multi-Tier orders

Learning objectives

- Create a Subcontracting Purchase Order - Manage the process of sending Component Ship Notices and Receipts - Update inventory with backflush or real-time consumption - Manage the process of creating Multi-Tier orders and combining them with Subcontracting orders

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