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What is SAP?

What is SAP?


This session will take newcomers to SAP through the entire process of seeing an end-to-end SAP Business Process, from Sales Quotation to the final entry on the Financial Statement. It will take students through each level of an SAP solution hierarchy: Presentation Layer, Application Layer and Database layer. Students will see how a digital document is created, how that document leads to activities in other sequential modules, and how that document is technically stored in the HANA database. This course will give students a techno-functional (technical and functional) understanding of the basic premise of how SAP looks, what SAP does, and how SAP works. The course will also demystify many SAP terminologies that students need to understand in their careers and explain them in simple, relatable language that is pragmatic and relevant to the hands-on usage of an SAP environment.

Learning objectives

After participating in this live session, you will have build confidence in what exactly is SAP. With SAP being such a broad ecosystem it seeks to build a clear perspective on what SAP is and to develop a conversational understanding of SAP. From that, students can ruminate on their new found perspective of SAP and develop their own internal dialogue of their understanding of SAP which will over time lead to the development of their own mental schematics of the SAP ecosystem. Once students have developed these mental schematics of SAP they can then validate, reference and corroborate their understandings against SAP documentation which can refine and align their new found perspective against the true nature of SAP. This will allow students to build their own ideas of SAP (innovating thinking) while finding a place for that innovation inside the SAP ecosystem.

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