SAP Emarsys

Reach customers where they are with real-time, personalized, and omnichannel customer engagement.

What’s it all about?

SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement is an omnichannel customer engagement solution built to accelerate business outcomes.

The SAP Emarsys customer engagement platform helps marketers deliver personalized, 1:1 experiences across multiple channels by bringing together data sources across your business and activating them across every marketing and commerce channel.

Get started with the SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement Onboarding Resource Center

Our onboarding process is tailored for a smoother transition and a successful go-live. Here's how we align your onboarding journey around your needs:
  • Getting Started
  • Plan Your Implementation
  • Get Enabled
  • Prepare to Go Live
 Students taking part in in onboarding session.