SAP Build

Learn learn how to use low-code/no-code tools to rapidly develop software without writing any code.

What is SAP Build?

SAP Build makes the fast development of applications and automations easier with a simplified and streamlined builder experience, leveraging enterprise-grade scaling and security. Whether you’re a non-technical business user or code-first developer, you can easily digitalize and automate your daily work or increase your coding efficiency. Explore how you can use these visual programming tools and drag-and-drop components to create applications, automations, and other software.

Who uses Low-Code/No-Code?

Citizen Developers

If you’re a non-technical business process expert who wants to digitalize and automate more of your daily work, explore how you can learn to build software without writing code.

Professional Developers

If you’re an experienced developer, discover how you can combine SAP’s framework of languages, libraries, and tools with low-code/no-code practices to build responsive, modern solutions and enhance applications.

Hear from SAP Builders in action

Meet Pawan Kumar, who recently completed this learning journey and learned about low-code/no-code. See how he started on this path to become an SAP-certified citizen developer!

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