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What does SAP do?

Put simply, SAP makes software that enables businesses to be the best they can be. In all areas of operations. At all times.

Whether you’re ordering raw materials for production, hiring new employees, managing your operations, processing sales, or delivering goods to consumers, SAP can simplify the process.

We empower businesses to work faster, more efficiently, produce more, and make customers happy – resulting in businesses that are best-run.

Why learn SAP skills?

SAP is a large company with plenty of career opportunities, but did you know that SAP has over 200 million subscribers in its cloud user base? That means SAP skills are in demand, and with 87% of total global commerce generated by SAP customers, it’s definitely something you should consider learning more about!

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Job opportunities

Explore the possible career opportunities with SAP and our partners. SAP is a tech company but it’s not just for developers. Get some ideas on what you might like to do in the future!