Instructions for Optional Hands-on Exercises in Week 1

Welcome to the optional hands-on exercises for this week.

This week you can do practical work. We have prepared exercises for you with which you can replicate the scenarios in your own environment. In this week, you will be setting up the SAP BTP and AWS environment. This will be the foundation for all the exercises in entire course.

The documentation focuses on setting up trial accounts on platform, however if you have access to enterprise account for SAP BTP and Amazon Web Services and wish to use the same for the exercises, you can use the same.

Please Note: There are changes in the user interface in SAP BTP and AWS services from the time the course was recorded. All these changes will be updated constantly in GitHub repository.

In Week 1 Unit 2 – SAP BTP Basics and Setup, you will learn how to setup SAP BTP Trial account and setup basic configurations in SAP BTP.

In Week 1 Unit 3 – Amazon Web Services Basics and Setup, you will learn how to setup Amazon Web Services Free Tier account and setup configurations that are required to execute exercises in entire course.

We have documented all the details for hands-on in this GitHub Repository - Build Resilient Applications on SAP BTP with Amazon Web Services.

Let us get started.

Unit 2: SAP BTP Basics and Setup

Unit 3: Amazon Web Services basics and setup

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