SAP Fiori Elements


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Display Dependent Entities as SAP Fiori Elements.

Display Dependent Entities as SAP Fiori Elements

When entities are displayed on the screen, sub-entities can be introduced using facets.

Steps for including these facets are shown in the following figures.

For local annotation, create UI.ReferenceFacet as a direct child of UI.Facets.

For the reference facet, set the target by reference to the association and annotation.

When exposing CDS view as an OData service, SAP added "to" before the CDS association name, as OData association name. The annotation will be added automatically when creating a new project based on the list report template. Otherwise you have to add the annotation manually when updating an existing project.

Adding the #LINEITEM_REFERENCE is supported from ABAP 7.52 on.

Local annotation can be introduced in the layout to orientate the user.

This is updated in the manifest,json file.

Switching to a Flexible Column Layout

Options for a 2 column layout – master-detail

  • TwoColumnsBeginExpand – first column (master-detail) wider
  • TwoColumnsMidExpand – second column – detail wider

Options for a 3 column layout –master-detail

  • ThreeColumnsBeginExpanded – first column wider
  • ThreeColumnsMidExpanded – second column wider
  • ThreeColumnsEndExpanded – third column wider

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