Innovation Highlights Convergent Invoicing


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Understand improvements in Convergent Invoicing

Approval Workflow for Billing Requests

Flexible approval workflow for billing requests

Define the following:

  • Approval workflow for credit and debit memo requests
  • Criteria for approval of billing requests
  • Person or group who needs to approve


Enable the four-eye principle before crediting money to customers:

  • Require that any billing request activity performed by an individual be reviewed and double checked by a second independent and competent individual
  • Help mitigate the following adverse outcomes:
  • Business execution: result of poor execution of regular business tasks (such as mistakes or oversights)
  • Internal fraud: result of fraudulent actions

Extensibility for Billing plans and Billing Requests

Extensibility for billing plans and billing requests

  • Ability to add custom fields to the following convergent invoicing objects using key-user extensibility:
  • Billing plan
  • Billing request
  • Functionality to automatically transfer custom fields to follow-on documents


  • Customize billing plan and billing request business objects to suit individual requirements
  • Append fields and data that are essential for particular use cases

Extensibility for Provider Contracts

Derivation of supplying company code from provider contracts

  • Derivation of supplying company codes in intercompany transactions from material master data
  • Event for users' own logic to add supplying company code to provider contracts
  • Transfer of supplying company code from provider contracts to billable items


Enable an end-to-end intercompany process for billing and revenue innovation management by automatically:

  • Deriving the supplying company codes from master data
  • Inserting those codes into invoicing processes

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