Innovation Highlights Subscription Order Management


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Understand improvements in Subscription Order and Contract Transactions.
  • Know FIORI Apps for Mass Transactions.
  • Understand Multi-Level Configuration in Subscription Order Management.
  • Know enhanced integration with SAP Convergent Charging for Recurring charges.

Improved WBS Account assignment

You can now maintain WBS elements as account assignment objects in subscription orders and solution quotations via the UI and API. In subscription orders, these WBS elements can be maintained at header and item level for subscription items and sales items. In solution quotations, these can be maintained at item level for subscription items.

You can assign WBS element to One-off charges which will replicate to One-Off BITs in SAP Convergent Invoicing.

The Benefit is an enhance project cost tracking and controlling by assigning WBS elements in Subscription Order and Solution Quotation.

WBS Elements as Account Assignment Objects in Subscription Transactions

Improved terms of payment assignment

Ability to set Terms of Payment (aka Payment Terms) at an item level in a Subscription Order and Solution Quotation when FI-CA is active:You can now maintain terms of payment for subscription items and sales items in a subscription order or solution quotation, different from those that are already defined in the assigned contract account.

The Benefit is to improve customer satisfaction with the flexibility of assignment of payment process at the item level.

Payment Terms in Subscription Transactions

Improved refund modification

Previously, the refund amount determined by the system during withdrawal of a subscription contract could not be modified. You can now manually enter a desired refund amount while executing the Withdraw change process.

Withdrawing a Subscription Contract with a Manual Refund Amount

End-to-End Extensibility in Subscription Transactions

Enhance integration capabilities to support End-to-End extensibility in subscription transaction:With standard End-to-End extensibility feature, eliminate the need for customization and intervention when managing custom field data in subscription contracts and provider contracts

End-to-End Extensibility in Subscription Transactions

Improved recurring fee calculation

Recalculate the prices for a subscription contract when a parameter that impacts the calculation of recurring fee is changed, for example, quantity. In this case, a new item is created with a new price calculated based on the changed parameter. The previous item is delimited, and its price is prorated.

Prorated Fees in SAP Convergent Charging

OData API Changes

OData API: Subscription Order - Version 0001 is deprecated and replaced by Version 0002, which can support ISO codes and SAP codes for units of measure and duration units.

OData API: Subscription Order (Version 0002)

The Master Agreement OData API is enhanced so that you can now perform error handling via AIF.

OData API: Master Agreement

Situation Handling now delivers an automatically enabled situation type for the situation template Subscription Contract Item Grace Period (SOM_GRACE_PERD_SUB_CONTR_ITEM).

Situation Handling for Manage Subscription Contract Lifecycle

Mass Changes Overview and Benefits

Mass change processing of subscription contracts

  • Trigger mass change requests directly from the SAP Fiori app "Mass Changes of Subscription Contracts" (F7405)
  • Efficiently manage existing mass change processes of subscription-related objects using the Fiori app "Manage Mass Processing of Subscriptions" (F7406)
  • Execute multiple contract change requests in a single mass change operation
  • Combine multiple change processes via change process groups into one mass execution, even across different sold-to parties


  • Allow back-office agents to apply changes to multiple contracts at once, eliminating the need for manual item-by-item modifications
  • Enhance visibility and control over the change process, improving overall process management
  • Lower the costs of training and customer support

App Managing Mass Processing (F7406)

The Manage Mass Processing of Subscriptions app (F7406) enables you to maintain and execute mass processing runs and monitor the results. This app streamlines the execution of change processes on a large number of contracts, thus eliminating the overhead for item-by-item modifications, triggering, and monitoring mass jobs.

Manage Mass Processing of Subscriptions

App Mass Changes of Subscription Contracts (F7405)

The Mass Changes of Subscription Contracts app (F7405) enables you to choose all the subscription contracts that you want to change and take them over into a mass processing. Since only specific contracts are eligible for mass processing, multiple filters are provided to simplify the search and selection of contracts.

Mass Changes of Subscription Contracts

Multilevel configuration in subscription order management

Support multilevel configuration in subscription order management

  • Support multilevel configuration for Subscription Contracts
  • Define and modify Multi-level characteristic values associated with the AVC items using UI
  • Support variant prices on all levels


Enable customers to have more flexibility and transparency using the following in subscription order management:

  • Offer configurable Multilevel Products with increased efficiency and accuracy and predetermined rules
  • Maintaining characteristics for BOM items during the configuration ensures accurate representation of the selected configuration in the subscription order
  • Improve customer satisfaction with increased customization options

You can now define and configure subscription product bundles using Advanced Variant Configuration together with configurable bills of material (BOMs). This enables you to manage complex subscription product structures more effectively, tailor these products to fit your specific requirements, and accurately represent the desired configuration in a subscription order or solution quotation.

Multi-Level Configuration of Product Bundles Using Advanced Variant Configuration

Enhanced integration with SAP Convergent Charging for Recurrings

Enhanced integration with SAP Convergent Charging enabling users to influence recurring charge calculations

  • Replicate prices, discounts, and surcharges to SAP Convergent Charging for influencing the calculation of recurring charges
  • Transfer price master data, including discounts and surcharges, to SAP Convergent Charging using the data replication framework (DRF)
  • Transfer transaction-specific manual prices, absolute values, and percentage values to SAP Convergent Charging using the order distribution infrastructure (ODI) interface
  • Leverage the improved pricing integration capabilities of SAP Convergent Charging to support proration of recurring charges


  • Increase agility by allowing business users and sales representatives to quickly and intuitively assign discounts or surcharges during the order process even with SAP Convergent Charging
  • Improve flexibility to price orders based on marketing offers, eliminating the need to modify charge plans in SAP Convergent Charging
  • With the support of the proration feature, enable accurate and up-to-date fee calculations and smoothly manage and adjust recurring charges
  • Simplify commercial back-off operations and eliminate the need for extensive customization
  • Reduce operational and maintenance costs

Previously, only prices were replicated to SAP Convergent Charging for calculation of recurring prices. Now, discounts and surcharges, in addition to prices, are also replicated to SAP Convergent Charging. This facilitates assignment of discounts and surcharges during order creation, allows flexible pricing of orders, and improves transparency with a single view of all pricing data in Subscription Order Management.

Multiple Price Keys for Recurring Fees in SAP Convergent Charging

Prorated Fees in SAP Convergent Charging

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