Describing SAP Ariba 2402 Release Features


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  • Describe new or changed features for SAP Business Network Supply Chain Collaboration in the SAP Ariba 2402 release

CSC-40349: Quality Collaboration Changes

Technical Details

  • Applicable Products
    • SAP Business Network for Supply Chain
  • User Type
    • Buyer
    • Supplier
  • Enablement Model
    • Automatically on


This feature makes enhancements to quality inspections and quality notifications. For quality inspections, these enhancements include a new field for suppliers to input comments about their results, improved filters, and others. For quality notifications, the user details for the supplier who made the updates are added when the supplier submits a quality notification in SAP Business Network.

Customer Benefits

  • Stability and better usability when working with quality inspections and quality notifications
  • Improved user experience when searching for inspections


The buyer system is enabled for the quality collaboration component.

Feature Details

User Interface Changes

This feature adds the following enhancements to quality inspections:

  • Adds Result description field

    Suppliers use this field to add comments to characteristics when entering quality inspection results. These comments can have a maximum of 40 characters. Suppliers can add these comments both from the user interface and by editing an Excel Quality Inspection Results template file they will later upload. This field helps buyers better understand quality inspection results and avoids buyers needing to contact their suppliers to ask questions about these results, saving time for both buyers and suppliers.

    The Result description field is displayed in the user interface, in the uploaded Quality Inspection Results Excel file, and in the Quality Inspection report. Also, when buyers use electronic signature for quality inspections, this field is displayed in the generated PDF that is sent for electronic signatures.

  • Improves filters on the Quality inspection page
    • Customer inspection no., Supplier inspection no.

      These filters now have Partial match and Exact match buttons. If you check Exact match for one of these filters, only the selected filter and the Customer (for suppliers) or Supplier (for buyers) filter display.

    • Purchase order, Purchase order item

      These filters are added.

    • Inspection created date,Inspection due date

      These filters now include an Other option. When you set either filter to Other, a new field displays for you to enter the date range.

  • Adds new table column

    The Inspection due date column is added to the table on the Quality inspection page. You can show or hide this column.

  • Facilitates setting the Supplier inspection no. from the Customer inspection no.

    From the Inspection details page, suppliers can choose the Copy Customer inspection no. link in the Supplier inspection no. field to copy the Customer inspection no. to the Supplier inspection no.

This feature also makes the following enhancement to quality notifications:

  • Includes supplier details

    Each version of a quality notification contains information about the supplier who created or updated it. The following information is sent when a supplier creates a new or updates an existing quality notification in SAP Business Network:

    • First and last name
    • Email address
    • Username (userID)

Changes to Data import and Export

This feature makes the following changes to the Single Result and Summarized Recording sheets of the Quality Inspection Results template:

  • The Comment field is now named Request comment.
  • The Result description field is added. Suppliers use this field to input comments (maximum of 40 characters) about their results.

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