Showcasing the CMS and SmartEdit Features


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the new CMS and SmartEdit features of SAP Commerce Cloud

Angular Upgrade

The upgrade from Angular 11 to Angular 15 in SmartEdit represents a leap forward in leveraging the latest web development technologies. This upgrade ensures compatibility with the latest Angular features, optimizations, and security patches.

Users are advised to consider the implications of this upgrade on their customizations and take proactive steps to align their SmartEdit implementations with the updated Angular version. This would ensure a seamless transition, and unlock the potential to harness the latest capabilities in SmartEdit customization.

Version Check Added for Web Application Injector

The introduction of version checking for the Web Application Injector (webApplicationInjector.js) serves as a proactive measure to address compatibility issues between SmartEdit and the underlying storefront. By incorporating a version attribute in webApplicationInjector.js, users receive timely notifications when discrepancies in versions may hinder the correct loading of the storefront. This then promotes a more stable and predictable SmartEdit and storefront integration.

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