Spotlighting the Customer Support on the Composable Storefront Features


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Explain the new Customer Support on the Composable Storefront features of SAP Commerce Cloud.

Assisted Service Mode Enhancements

Both web services and the Composable Storefront have been upgraded with robust support for Assisted Service Mode. These enhancements collectively contribute to a more versatile and empowered customer support experience on the Composable Storefront. Notably, enhancements have been implemented to facilitate access and management of various aspects, including:

  • Customer 360 Data: Comprehensive information such as general activities, product interests, active cart, saved carts, overview, profile, and support tickets.
  • Customer Lists: more data for customer lists, as well as improved support for B2B customer lists.
  • Customer Accounts: Streamlined management of customer accounts.
  • Assigned Stores for Customers: Efficient assignment and unassignment of stores for individual customers.
  • Customer Coupons: The ability to assign and unassign customer coupons.
  • Support for Promotions and Coupons: Access to information on available promotions and coupons for customer support purposes in ASM 360 degree view.

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