Showcasing the Intelligent Selling Services (ISS) Features


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Explain the new Intelligent Selling Services (ISS) features of SAP Commerce Cloud.

In-App Help

ISS (Intelligent Selling Services) introduces in-app help in the form of SAP Companion, a framework designed for user assistance in web-based applications. This feature enhances user onboarding and interaction by providing contextual help within the application itself.

By leveraging SAP Companion, users can access relevant information, tutorials, and guidance directly within the ISS interface. This addition enhances the overall usability of ISS, facilitating a smoother and more intuitive user experience.

Integration Setup Wizard

A revised setup wizard in Intelligent Selling Services (ISS) streamlines the integration process, allowing users to easily connect their ISS accounts to any site within their SAP Commerce Cloud instance. The wizard simplifies the traditionally complex process of integrating external services by offering a guided and user-friendly approach. This enhancement underscores SAP Commerce Cloud's commitment to providing user-friendly tools for seamless integration with external services.

Replenishment Product Recommendations

ISS (Intelligent Selling Services) has introduced a dynamic feature called Replenishment Product Recommendations.

This Replenishment Product Recommendations functionality leverages past purchase habits of customers to recommend products that are ordered repeatedly. By understanding and analyzing customer behavior based on deep learning, this feature adds a layer of intelligence to the merchandising carousel. It caters to customers' preferences, streamlining the shopping experience and potentially increasing customer satisfaction. Merchants can tap into this predictive feature to enhance the relevance and effectiveness of product recommendations, aligning with modern trends in personalized shopping experiences. More information can be found in the recommendation types' page here.

Customized Pricing in the Merchandising Carousel

SAP Commerce Cloud enhances the Intelligent Selling Services by introducing support for customized pricing in the merchandising carousel. This feature empowers merchants to configure customer-specific prices, providing a more tailored and personalized pricing strategy. By leveraging this customization capability, merchants can align their pricing with specific customer segments, offering a more targeted and relevant shopping experience. This feature not only enhances the flexibility of pricing strategies, but also contributes to a more personalized and engaging customer journey within the Composable Storefront.

Additional Features

As of 2023, Intelligent Selling Services (ISS) continues to evolve with the introduction of additional features. While specific details may vary, these additions are expected to contribute to the overall enhancement of ISS capabilities, providing users with more tools and functionalities to streamline their selling processes. Users are encouraged to explore the latest features to leverage the full potential of Intelligent Selling Services in creating engaging and personalized shopping experiences, such as Merchandising Reporting UI Enhancements, Product Filtering for Trending Products, etc.

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