Spotlighting the Omni Commerce Connect (OCC) Features


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  • Explain the new Omni Commerce Connect (OCC) features of SAP Commerce Cloud

OCC V1 Deletion

The deliberate removal of OCC V1 since 2211.12 represents a significant step towards achieving a modern, headless commerce experience. This deletion streamlines the platform's architecture, facilitating easier upgrades of back-end functionality. Users are encouraged to adapt their systems to the latest OCC version, embracing the evolving architecture that aligns with contemporary commerce paradigms and ensures a forward-looking, scalable foundation.

OCC API Enhancements for Bundles, Invoice Display, and Requested Delivery Date

The enhanced OCC APIs expand the platform's capabilities for delivering a customer-centric commerce experience. These APIs are for:

The technical feasibility supporting these API enhancements empowers users to offer more personalized and efficient shopping experiences.

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