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SAP Gateway Components

For AS ABAP 7.00 to 7.31, SAP Gateway consists of individual add-ons that provide the OData functionality. The OData runtime consists of the Gateway Core (GW_CORE) and the Information Worker Foundation (IW_FND) and thus contains the service registration as well as the runtime. The central add-on Business Enablement Provisioning (IW_BEP) of the design and service provider runtime contains the tools for service implementation. Other add-ons can also be installed, for example:

  • Process Gateway Workflow (IW_PGW)

  • Generic Interaction Layer (IW_GIL)

  • Service Provider Infrastructure (IW_SPI)

As of AS ABAP 7.40, GW_CORE, IW_FND, IW_BEP, and IW_HDB (SAP HANA Database) have been merged in software component SAP_GWFND (Gateway Foundation). This offers everything needed for the OData runtime and implementation. The additional add-ons that are still possible are grouped together in data model consumption and generators.

As of AS ABAP 7.51, IW_PGW has been merged in addition into software component SAP_GWFND. This offers general SAP Workflow functionality via SAP Gateway especially used in the area of SAP Fiori. In addition, all other SAP Gateway add-ons are deprecated and should be uninstalled. Either the functions are now part of software component SAP_GWFND or they are no longer supported.

SAP Gateway in AS ABAP 7.00 up to 7.31 is often referred to as SAP Gateway 2.0. Starting with AS ABAP 7.40, the new term is SAP Gateway Foundation like in SAP_GWFND.

Starting with SAP NetWeaver 7.50 SP03, new developments in SAP Gateway have only been performed for the software component SAP Gateway Foundation (SAP_GWFND) in the highest SAP NetWeaver release.

Starting with SAP NetWeaver 7.52 SP01, it has been decided to downport the following structure packages and their sub-packages of the SAP Gateway Foundation framework to SAP NetWeaver 7.51:


This includes the latest development for the SAP Gateway foundation framework for OData V4 as well as for OData V2. It does however not include the components of the Notification Channel.

Please note that

  1. in certain use-cases there might be slight variations in the functionality.
  2. not all functionalities have been down-ported (see list of down-ported software packages above).

As a result, the above mentioned sub-packages of the SAP Gateway framework in SAP NetWeaver 7.52 SP01 are equivalent to their counter parts in the SAP Gateway framework in SAP NetWeaver 7.51 SP05 and SAP NetWeaver 7.50 SP11.

The same is true for higher releases to their counter parts visible in the table. The last available down-port for SAP_GWFND 7.50 is included in SP12. The last available down-port for SAP_GWFND 7.51 is included in SP09. No further down-ports are planned for these releases.

Please find more information in SAP Note 2512479 - SAP Gateway Foundation Support Package Stack Definition.

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