Showcasing Changes and New Features


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What's New in SAP Customer Experience

The new features and changes can be grouped into 5 areas:

  • SAP Commerce Cloud
  • SAP Customer Data Cloud
  • SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud
  • SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement and SAP Marketing Cloud
  • AI in SAP Customer Experience Solutions

Spotlighting SAP Commerce Cloud Changes and New Major Features

This is the list of major changes and new features in SAP Commerce Cloud:

Composable Storefront

Composable storefront is a lean, Angular-based JavaScript storefront for SAP Commerce Cloud. It talks to SAP Commerce Cloud exclusively through the Commerce REST API. Check FAQ about Composable storefront.

Deprecation of Accelerator UIs and Older OCC template Extensions

In alignment with the SAP Commerce Cloud mission to provide a modern, headless commerce experience with easier upgrades of back-end functionality, some Accelerator UI, and older OCC template extensions are being deprecated.

Cloud Portal

This is the summary for key features and enhancements in the Cloud Portal:

  • Downloading files: Users can download a range of file types previously uploaded to your subscription - provided you have the right authorization. File types include IP filter sets, web site redirect sets, static files, security files, trusted certificates, SSL certificates, and host alias sets.
  • Limited number of builds: To enable better management of your builds, remove outdated images, and reduce unnecessary costs, the maximum number of builds that can be created in an environment is now 100. If you reach this limit, you'll need to delete some older, non-deployed builds before continuing to create new ones.
  • Private Link Service: External Azure subscriptions can be connected to SAP Commerce Cloud using Private Link Service to increase connection speed, reliability, and security.

Expanded Blue/Green Deployment Availability , including the database migration option, is now available in all staging and medium sandbox environments.Check Blue/Green deployment changes.

Spotlighting SAP Customer Data Cloud Enhancements

Here's the list of major changes and new features in SAP Customer Data Cloud:

Customer Identity Management for B2B

The list outlines the enhancements and several updatesacross different features:

  1. APIs and SDKs:

    • New parameters added to existing API endpoints for retrieving organization and account information.
    • Addition of API calls to assign and unassign business entities to users for specific organizations.
    • Introduction of a new Organization Search API.
    • Enhanced metadata fields for the Organization Data Model.
    • New API endpoint for preconfiguring B2B authorization models with SAP Commerce Cloud integration.
  2. B2B Organizations:

    • Addition of a new organization tab in the user profile section of Identity Access.
    • Improvements in registration duplicate check and support for more languages.
    • Implementation of policy organization search feature.
    • Introduction of the Organization Context widget to support organization context switching.
    • Ability to search for users using the BPID of an organization they belong to.
  3. B2B Console:

    • Introduction of workspace-level privileges for more granular permissions in the Organization Management console.

These updates aim to enhance functionality, improve user experience, and provide more flexibility in managing organizations and user access within the SAP Commerce Cloud environment.

Customer Identity Management for B2C

The list contains a summary of the numerous updates and additions to various features and functionality within SAP Customer Data Cloud:

  1. Webhooks:

    • New "Discarded Events" metric in Webhook Report.
    • Webhook payload reverted to 100 events.
    • Addition of group webhooks in the Webhooks UI.
    • Webhook enable/disable functionality.
  2. OIDC and OAuth2:

    • Support for OIDC as RP Custom Fields.
    • Non-OIDC JWT key rotation and OIDC JWKs rotation support.
    • OAuth2 client credentials flow.
    • Refresh token configuration for OIDC.
    • Password reset token expiration configuration.
  3. Identity and Access Management:

    • Provisioning via SAP Cloud Identity Services.
    • SCIM protocol support.
    • Support for customIdentifier fields with accounts.getJWT.
  4. Data Quality Management and Schema Updates:

    • Integration with SAP Data Quality Management.
    • New schema field type for addresses.
    • Start Year/End Year customization in Birth Year dropdown.
  5. UI and User Experience:

    • Configurable "Show Password" behavior.
    • Out-of-the-box user-enabled two-factor authentication (TFA).
    • Custom login identifiers and Global Access enhancements.
    • Support for multiple TFA devices and dynamic data access filters
  6. Integration and SDK Updates:

    • Integration with Emarsys for consent statement mapping.
    • New support for biometric library in Flutter plugin.
    • Integration with Facebook Leads and Sinch as SMS provider.
    • IdentitySync component updates.
    • Dataflow limits increase and test SMS configuration.
  7. Security and Compliance:

    • Log Connector updates and additional supported log providers.
    • Improved security notifications and risk score exposure.
    • Validation type phone and SAP proprietary password support.
    • CNAME support in OIDC for compliance and efficiency.
  8. Developer Tools:

    • SDK validation and management improvements.
    • New features in Drupal GConnector and PHP SDK.
    • Mobile SDK implementation via MavenCentral.

These updates reflect SAP CDC's ongoing efforts to enhance security, improve user experience, and expand integration capabilities within the SAP Customer Data Cloud ecosystem.

Enterprise Consent and Preferences Management

The following list provides several updates and features related to communication management and consent within a system or platform :

  1. Communication Topics:

    • Administrators can now use a predefined email channel for creating communication topics.
    • Unified approach for managing customer interactions across various communication channels, including email.
  2. New Consent Solution:

    • New sites are automatically set up with the new Consent solution as the default option.
    • Existing sites must be migrated to the new Consent solution based on specified requirements.
    • The new solution offers improved functionality, compliance, and user experience compared to the previous one.
  3. Consent Write Access Support:

    • Admin users within the New Consent solution gain the capability to control write access for fields through consent-related APIs.
    • This feature enhances control and management over consent-related data, allowing administrators to define who can modify specific fields related to consent.

These updates signify improvements in managing communication and consent within the system, providing administrators with more control and flexibility while ensuring compliance and user privacy.

Spotlighting SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud Upgrades

SAP Sales Cloud

Here's a detailed breakdown of the upgrades for SAP Sales Cloud:

Communication ChannelsAdmins can monitor outbound email status and validate recipient emails using predefined channels, enhancing communication reliability.
Groupware IntegrationThe integration capabilities have been improved, enabling smoother communication and collaboration within the platform.
Integration with SAP CPQ and Sales QuotesUsers can now create copies of CPQ quotes, streamlining the quote creation process and improving efficiency.
Intelligent Sales Add-OnTranslation for playbook actions and activities allows for better understanding and adoption of sales strategies. Users can set status and reasons via an action menu, enhancing sales process management. UI enhancements improve the overall user experience and ease of navigation.
OData ServicesEnhanced data sources and security handling improve data management and security within the platform.
Opportunities and Product ListsNew characteristics and key figures provide deeper insights into opportunities and products, aiding in decision-making and strategy development.
Dynamic Visit PlanningAn improved organizer and new filters enhance visit planning and execution, improving field sales productivity.
Integration with Microsoft TeamsStreamlined collaboration and data management across both platforms.
Accounts and Individual CustomersCustom extensions for customer merge allow for tailored customer management strategies.
Activities and Communication Channels:Autofill location and email priority settings improve communication efficiency and accuracy.
Leads, Promotions, Sales Contracts, and TicketsImproved functionality and compatibility enhance lead management, promotion control, contract handling, and ticket management..

These updates collectively aim to enhance user productivity, streamline processes, and improve data management within the SAP Sales Cloud ecosystem.

SAP Service Cloud

Here's a summary of the new upgradesfor SAP Service Cloud:

Agent Console Add-on
  • Enhanced knowledge base integration into the native widget.
  • Customization options for the interaction log entry form.
  • Timeline and entities settings reflect in customer hub filter menus.
  • Adaptations for the customer hub entities tab.
  • Ability to transfer phone calls and access control based on organization units.
  • Preview of timeline configuration and integration with sales orders.
Communication Channels
  • Improved outbound email monitoring and email validation.
  • Configuration for multiple CTI providers and setting priority for emails.
  • Widget configuration for business partner information in outbound SMS.
  • Email address verification in To, Cc, and Bcc fields.
  • Replication of contingent workforce from SuccessFactors to SAP Cloud for Customer.
  • Resolution rooms for tickets and creation of follow-up S/4HANA service orders from service tickets.
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams.
  • Various enhancements, including sales organization name in the ticket worklist, new options to delete tickets, and advanced search fields.
  • Ticket generation in maintenance plans, workflow notifications, and channel ID in advanced filters.
  • Reference transactions and interactions ID column in the timeline tab.
Analytics and OData Services
  • Support for attachments in joined data sources.
  • New predelivered data sources, precise execution timestamp, and code value descriptions in OData.
Registered Products and Installation Points
  • Addition of functional location to the installed base.
  • Improved search for registered products.
Extensibility and Archiving
  • Usage of object data type fields in other channels and minimum character count for mandatory fields.
  • Additional business objects supported in archiving and parameters for archiving business objects.
  • Schedule tasks in the data workbench and reset column header filters.
  • Configuration of attachment size limits.

These updates aim to enhance agent productivity, streamline communication channels, improve ticket management, and provide better analytics capabilities within SAP Service Cloud.

Spotlighting SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement and SAP Marketing Cloud Innovations

SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement

SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement has introduced a myriad of innovations in its latest updates, catering to diverse aspects of marketing operations.

Communication ChannelsKey improvements include Mobile Wallet enhancements for seamless pass campaign distribution, customization of SMS marketing URLs, SMS Partner Integration API, Tik-Tok integration for Digital Ads and an Advanced Email Scheduling update to eliminate manual steps, boosting efficiency.
TacticsThere are new omnichannel tactics and specialized utilities industry tactics, empowering marketers to launch campaigns faster.
Data and ExtensibilityEnhanced data availability in Open Data, a Bulk Response Summary API endpoint, and cloud-native data processing improvements contribute to improved data accessibility and marketer efficiency.
IntegrationsThe integration with SAP Sales Cloud v2 has been improved, allowing synchronization of extensibility fields between SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Emarsys. There is also real-time integration with SAP Customer Data Cloud, offering synchronization and integration flexibility.
Tracking and ReportingOther innovations include: Authorized Asset Distribution; Audience Reporting for better understanding target audiences; Web Extend tracking enhancements; redesigned Web Channel Session Filters for precise audience targeting; account switching functionality; a redesigned UI for Digital Ads; and a Revenue Attribution widget for reviewing the impact of mobile campaigns on revenue.
User InterfaceUsers can explore the Sunset of the Triggered Email Dashboard, replaced by the Triggered Email widget on the Emarsys Home page. Personalization tokens are now available in the Email basics tab, and there is a nearly complete rework of Campaign Analytics, introducing new capabilities.
Other innovationsAdditionally, users can distribute VCE campaigns across different environments, design reusable templates in Web Channel using Content Blocks, and enable Enterprise-level Single Sign-On (SSO).

These innovations collectively aim to provide Emarsys users with a more efficient, personalized, and feature-rich marketing platform.

SAP Marketing Cloud

This is a breakdown of the new features and innovations for SAP Marketing Cloud:

Analytics and ReportingNew operational report Mktg: Cmpgn Action Execution Sched - Qry shows which user executes a campaign.
Dynamic Customer Profiling and SegmentationNew Attributes for the Segmentation Object Contact Relationships; Advanced Segmentation and Personalization with Subdivided Child Attributes; Enable Custom Business Objects For Marketing Areas in Segmentation; and New Attributes for Marketing Permissions and Newsletter Subscriptions.
Interactions and Marketing eventsDropdown box for Products in forms and landing pages and Improvements when uploading Participants for events.
Other innovationsAdditionally, there are various enhancements in Email Editor and it's now also possible to enable the creation of Interactions on Landing Page Submission.

These features collectively enhance the functionality and user experience within SAP Marketing Cloud, offering improved analytics, segmentation capabilities, interaction options, and additional innovations in email editing and event management.

AI Enhancements for SAP Customer Experience Solutions

The following list goes over the new features and enhancements introduced for Artificial Intelligence in SAP Customer Experience Solutions since version 2211 (Nov 2022):

SAP CX AI Toolkit

SAP CX AI Toolkit is an AI-Powered assistant that helps you get the most from your SAP software, by assisting you through your daily tasks, and enhancing your communication with customers. This is the list of its major features:

Intelligent Customer ProfileHarness data from SAP Customer Data Platform to generate a summary for every engagement that is easy to comprehend .
AI ToolsRole specific prompts utilizing CX data to generate discovery questions, summarize accounts, cases and opportunities, write emails, blog and social media posts.
Intelligent Q&AIntelligent Q&A is a powerful tool that can help you find precise answers to work-related questions. It does this by using its comprehensive understanding of your company's content, including past emails, conversations, and files.
Smart SchedulingSmart Scheduling streamlines and optimizes your calendar management, saving you time and ensuring efficient allocation of appointments with personalized AI responses.
Record SummarizationCombine CX business data and personal data to generate AI summaries for customers and accounts, cases and opportunities.
AI Product TaggingUnlock the full potential of your products by harnessing the power of AI to extract and enrich your product tags.
AI Product DescriptionsLet generative AI transform your customer experience with personalized product descriptions that enrich your catalog data.
Visual SearchImprove product discovery - simplifying the process and delivering quick and accurate search results based on AI image detection.

The SAP CX AI Toolkit enhances SAP CX software usage and customer communication through features like intelligent customer profiling and AI-driven scheduling. It also offers AI tools for role-specific prompts, intelligent Q&A, and visual search to optimize productivity and product discovery.

Intelligent Selling Services for SAP Commerce Cloud

Intelligent Selling Servicesprovides real-time personalization through Recommendations and Merchandising product carousels. It also provides supporting testing, reporting and management tooling to understand, monitor and improve personalization performance. These are the descriptions of the major features provided:

  • Recommendations and Merchandising: Promote and advertise goods or services by means of Recommendations.
  •   A/B Testing: Use A/B Testing to compare 2 product mixes within a product strategy against each other to determine which one performs better. For example, test Personalized Products recommendations versus Personalized Products recommendations skewed towards revenue.
  •  Multi-site support: Integrate multiple SAP Commerce Cloud e-stores with Intelligent Selling Services. 
  • Optimize each e-store for its unique audience and business drivers so that each e-store's KPIs can be improved independently.
  • Product filtering: Choose whether your recommendations should display or exclude products that are out of stock or in the cart.
  • Category filtering: Limit the products shown in a product mix to those from a given category or category tree. 
  • Fixed products: Place a product in a fixed position in your product mix irrespective of the applied influencers.

Intelligent Selling Services for SAP Commerce Cloud offers real-time personalization through Recommendations and Merchandising carousels, along with testing, reporting, and management tools. It enables A/B Testing for comparing product mixes, supports multi-site integration, allows product and category filtering, and enables fixed product placement for enhanced customization and optimization.

Other AI features

This is the list of Other AI related features in SAP Customer Experience solutions:

ProductFeature and Description
SAP Customer Data CloudAccount Takeover Protection (ATO) enables prosecuting malicious activity/bad actors while leaving a frictionless user experience for legitimate users. ATO forces malicious users and bots to pass a CAPTCHA challenge while regular users log in unencumbered.
SAP Sales CloudSearch Opportunities by Machine Learning Score: Using advanced filters, search for opportunities based on the score deviations featured by machine learning in the work list. This will enable you to focus and act on opportunities more effectively.
SAP Service CloudYou can use the Text Summarization model to summarize texts in Interactions and the Subject field of tickets.

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