Next steps and further information

So now you have done the course and may wonder how to proceed. Assuming that you see value in this topic and want to go further with this we have some more information and resources to offer.

Technical resources

  • The course code base can be imported into any system via abapgit.
  • In addition to the source code, there is a renaming-copy program included that you can use to create additional copies of the source with different names so that different people can do the exercises in the same system. Please follow the instructions in the readme.
  • You want to read more about clean code and ABAP? The community-driven ABAP clean code style guide is now open source.

Blog Posts

We will post additional articles and some content in SAP Help Portal. For these we will use the following tags that you can use to find them:

  • ABAP Development, ABAP Testing and Analysis, agile software engineering, writing testable code, wtc1

Initial articles directly related to the topic

Related posts


  • The book "Test-driven development with ABAP Objects" is an in-depth treatment of the techniques, patterns but also the strategies for setting up a change and learning program to enable your development teams to move towards truly agile development with the well known benefits of "less bugs and more productivity at the same time".

We hope this course was valuable for you.

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