System Information and hands-on exercises

Please find on this page detailed information about system access and the exercises of this course.

The exercises consist of sample code and use base code that you will extend.

To do the hands-on exercises you will need (a) access to a suitable ABAP system and (b) import the exercise code with abapgit.

Note: Since we wanted to also demonstrate some of the new ABAP features our exercise code base needs an ABAP system release 7.4 or higher. Unit testing features and tools are fully available starting release 7.31. Therefore, be aware that our use of 7.52 is for demo purposes only and does not indicate a limitation of usability of the unit test tools in lower releases.

(a) ABAP system for the exercises

  • You can use your own development system. If you want to import the code into a lower release, you must adapt the statements that use the new syntax elements.
  • You can also start an ABAP Basis 7.5x system (or later) on AWS, e.g. this one. Carefully read these instructions on how to use them.
  • You can download a trial version of the most recent ABAP Server to your local computer as described on this page.

(b) Download and installing the exercise code

  1. For sharing the exercise code, we use abapgit. This means that you need to install abapgit in your ABAP system (copy-paste source code in SE38) and then import the exercises after that. See the abapgit site for download, install and usage instructions.
  2. As a second step, import the source code ZIP for this course. This will give you all the sample code, reference implementation and base code to start the exercises with. But of course, this is one code base for one user only.
  3. To support multiple users using the exercises, each user needs a separate copy and a separate ‘name space’ (unique prefix/id) for their code. To this end we provide a renaming program that takes the exercise code objects ZCL_WTC_* and creates e.g. a renamed copy ZCL_W01_*. In order to get another copy of the exercise code base, follow these steps:
  • First check if the base code is already in the system, i.e. look for ZCL_WTC* classes. If they are not there, execute step 2. Otherwise:
  • If you don’t have it already, download the source code ZIP.
  • Download and unpack the renaming program contained in and store the jar file in the same directory as the source code ZIP.
  • Check for already existing copies, i.e. which classes ZCL_Wxx_ already exist and pick a new unused 2-char code yy for the new copy.
  • Run “java -jar abap-git-rename-wtc1-1.0.0.jar yy” This will create a new zip “yyrenamer-repo …” that contains the renamed copies.
  • Use abapgit to import the new copied code in “yyrenamer-repo…”.


Refreshing your ABAP Objects skills

The course heavily uses ABAP Objects, i.e. classes, interface etc. and we are using the source code editor and not SE24. To refresh your ABAP Objects knowledge you can watch the ‘ABAP Objects refresher’ videos.

For SAP-internal only:

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