Examining the Analytical List Page


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  • Explain the main features of the analytical list page which come on top of the list report

Overview of the Analytical List Page

You can use SAP Fiori elements to build apps that require visualization and reporting of data using filters, interactive charts, and other data points such as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

With the combination of transactional and analytical data using chart and table visualization, you can quickly view the data you need. This hybrid view allows an interesting interplay between the chart and table representations.

The analytical list page (ALP) offers a unique way to analyze data step-by-step from different perspectives, drill-down the data to investigate a root cause, and to act on transactional content. All this can be done seamlessly on one page. The purpose of the analytical list page is to identify interesting areas within data sets or significant single instances using data visualization and business intelligence.

Visualizations can help users to recognize facts and situations, and reduce the number of interaction steps needed to gain insights or identify significant single instances. Chart visualization increases the joy of use, and enable the users to spot relevant data faster.

The main target group are users who work on transactional content. They benefit from fully transparent business object data and direct access to business actions. In addition, they have access to analytical views and functions without having to switch between systems. These include KPIs, a visual filter where filter values are enriched by measures and visualizations, and a combination of table view or chart view with drill-in capabilities (hybrid view). Users can interact with the chart to dig deep into the data. The visualization enables them to identify spikes, deviations and abnormalities quickly, and to take appropriate action right away.

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