Getting Started with SAP Fiori Elements: Understanding OData and Annotations


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain why SAP Fiori elements uses OData protocol and annotations

OData and Annotations

SAP uses OData as a standard remote protocol for new client applications, especially for web browser-based UIs and native mobile apps, to access the structured data of the database. The highly efficient OData services provide effective access to the exact data as requested by the application.

OData is a standard protocol for creating and consuming data. OData protocol sits on top of HTTP and defines how apps exchange data with the back end. Watch the following video to learn more about the OData protocol and how to use it to query and manipulate data.

The OData URL has three significant parts:

The OData URL parts

Watch the following video to learn about the SAP Fiori elements architecture:


In this lesson, you have familiarized yourself with OData protocol and annotations. You have also learned about the SAP Fiori elements architecture. You have seen that SAP Fiori elements generates apps using a specific floorplan, service metadata, and annotations at runtime.

Thus, you can develop an app with less or no JavaScript UI code. If your app needs a feature to suit a specific business scenario, you can also use additional configuration to customize your app.

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