Using SAP Fiori Tools to Boost Your App Development


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Use SAP Fiori tools to create and develop SAP Fiori elements applications in a simple and efficient way

SAP Fiori Tools Extension Pack

SAP Fiori tools extension pack is available for both SAP Business Application Studio and Visual Studio Code. SAP Fiori tools is enabled by default in SAP Business Application Studio for several dev spaces, such asSAP Fiori or Full Stack Cloud Application. To use SAP Fiori tools in Visual Studio code, you must download the SAP Fiori tools extension pack from SAP Fiori Tools - Extension Pack.

Watch the following video for an overview of SAP Fiori tools:

SAP Fiori tools guides developers through the full development cycle.

Overview of SAP Fiori Tools

SAP Fiori Tools: Develop and Preview Application

Watch the following video to know more about developing and previewing an application using SAP Fiori tools:

You can launch the Page Map in multiple ways. For more information, see Define Application Structure.

SAP Fiori Tools: Annotation Language Support in CAP CDS Files

While the page editor lets you configure your application in a schematic view and automatically generates the necessary annotations or manifest settings, SAP CDS language support assists you when you manually add annotations in the code. It provides code suggestions, validates the existing code, and contains short vocabulary descriptions for annotations and their structured elements.

You can also benefit from the page editor and SAP CDS language support as the page editor) provides the Edit in source code button next to each element in the Outline pane and the Properties pane. Using this button, you can easily navigate to the required section of the code, and then manually update it with the assistance features of SAP CDS language support. Watch the following video to learn more about the annotation language support in CAP CDS files:

SAP Fiori Tools: Guided Development

You can choose guided development to add various features to your SAP Fiori elements applications. Once you have selected the parameters relevant to your project, guided development generates the code snippet and adds it to the required file in your project. Watch the following video to know more about guided development:

SAP Fiori Tools: Guided Answers

Guided Answers is an interactive documentation designed to help troubleshoot issues, navigate processes, and guide users through tasks via a series of questions. Watch the following video to know more about guided answers:


In this lesson, you have learned how SAP Fiori tools supports you throughout the development cycle of creating SAP Fiori elements applications; beginning with generating the application and previewing it in a browser, to adding UI features such as filter fields, tables, forms, charts, and finally deploying the application. This way, you can reduce the efforts and costs involved in the creation of SAP Fiori elements apps.

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