Identifying the Features and Processes of SAP Service Cloud


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify an example case for using SAP Service Cloud
  • Describe the Features of SAP Service Cloud
  • Recognize the Customer Service Process
  • Name the Steps of the Field Service Process

Business Case: Aspen Bicycles

This company is fictional and could be located anywhere around the world, but for example purposes, let's locate it in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Aspen Bicycles, is a fast growing company and has been manufacturing high-quality bicycles for all ages for over twenty years. However, now, with a growing global market, they need a robust tool to replace their legacy systems. SAP Cloud for Customer is a perfect fit for both sales and service.

In addition to bicycles, Aspen also manufactures high-end, durable and world class fitness equipment that can be found in hotels, colleges, corporate offices, public gymnasiums, and many other establishments around the world. Some of their most popular lines includes a stationary bike called the X1000. In addition to being a durable and reliable machine ideal for fitness center use, the X1000 is connected through the internet to allow for online competition. These machines are also able to call for service/maintenance automatically after predefined time intervals or hours of usage (IOT).

These machines are made to take a beating, but they need regular maintenance to keep their performance at top condition, so their users can stay in top condition!

One of Aspen's most important customers is Stillton Hotel Group, a global hotel chain based out of Seattle, Washington in the USA with locations in most cities around the world. Stillton has purchased a number of X1000 stationary bikes to install in their fitness centers in Brussels, Berlin, and New York.

SAP Service Cloud Features

SAP Service Cloud is a powerful tool designed to optimize your service-based customer interactions.

First of all, SAP Service Cloud is fully integrated with SAP Cloud for Customer and uses the same account base*. You and your administrators can easily configure automated communication with your customers through any channel, deliver preventive and repair services to your customers from start to finish, provide customer-facing self service support tools, and much more.

* SAP Cloud for Customer is actually two fully integrated solutions: SAP Service Cloud; and SAP Sales Cloud. They are both handled in the same UI and also use the same account base, but each solution needs to be licensed individually. This course is about SAP Service Cloud.

Service Cloud Features at a Glance

The Customer Service Process

Select each step to learn more about the customer service process.

Customer Service Process

The Field Service Process

Select each step to learn more about the field service management process.

Field Service Management Process

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