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  • Interpret how SAP Cloud ALM supports the implementation and operation of intelligent cloud solutions, and serves as the digital foundation for the RISE with SAP Methodology

SAP Cloud ALM as an Integral Part of the RISE with SAP Methodology

SAP Cloud ALM helps our customers to implement and operate intelligent cloud and hybrid business solutions. It is also the foundation for the RISE with SAP Methodology.

Our customers benefit from an out-of-the-box, native cloud solution, designed as the central entry point to manage their SAP landscape. SAP Cloud ALM provides essential implementation capabilities to manage all implementation, testing and deployment activities of SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

Furthermore, the operations capabilities of SAP Cloud ALM ensure smooth business operations without disruptions through proactive monitoring and alerting.

SAP Cloud ALM is included in their cloud subscription containing Enterprise Support, cloud edition and in SAP Enterprise Support.

SAP Cloud ALM features methodology, operation automation, collaboration, and integration. Data transformation supported by the SAP Business Transformation Center allows organizations to analyze, transform, provide and validate their data. Innovation Adoption workstreams allow for the design, build, testing, and deployment of innovations. Service Collaboration allows for service preparation, delivery, sharing, and follow-up. Business continuity planning allows for detection, analysis, correction of threats and allows these processes to be automated.

SAP Cloud ALM Supporting Clean Core

SAP Cloud ALM provides the environment to manage a clean core projects along SAP Activate and the 5 dimensions together with analytics and traceability dashboards to track adherence to clean core criteria.

  1. Processes:
    • Consumption of SAP Best Practice Content
    • Execute Fit-to-standard Workshops incl. requirements management
    • Design custom processes
    • Business Process Monitoring
    • SAP Readiness Check to remediate simplification items
  2. Extensibility:
    • Manage hybrid development (ABAP & BTP)
    • Manual & Automated testing (with Tricentis Test Automation)
    • Agile Build
    • Monitoring of extensions
    • SAP Readiness Check to remediate custom code
  3. Data:
    • Data consistency and data volume monitoring
    • SAP Readiness Check to resolve data quality issues
  4. Integration:
    • Integration Documentation
    • Manage CPI deployments
    • Interface and exception monitoring
  5. Operations:
    • Full stack monitoring
    • Business service management
    • Automated regression testing
    • Release Management
    • SAP Readiness Check for SAP S/4HANA upgrades

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How does SAP Cloud ALM support the RISE with SAP Methodology?

One of the key pillars of the RISE methodology is the adherence to a clean core as it helps customers to stay current with innovation from SAP.

SAP Cloud ALM helps customers to adopt clean core principles along SAP Activate, ensuring that their systems remain streamlined and efficient.

Therefore, customers build differentiating processes and functionality using side-by-side or built in extensions.

Maintaining high data quality and ensuring that integrations comply with clean core standards are crucial. Furthermore, end-to-end monitoring is vital for ensuring business continuity and the quality of process execution.

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