Exploring the RISE With SAP Methodology


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Recognize how the 4 phases of the RISE with SAP Methodology represent a structured approach to cloud transformation backed by best practices, guidance and tools

Introduction to the RISE with SAP Methodology

As SAP looks to support our customers in transforming to the cloud, we are also transforming ourselves towards a more tightly focused cloud operating model. This includes moving from a classical on-premises focus of high engagement during the initial license sale to a continuous support model, in which SAP continues to invest heavily in our customers across their full value journey.

The RISE with SAP Methodology represents a comprehensive framework designed to drive digital transformation and intelligent operations within organizations. It leverages advanced tools and strategies to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and accelerate innovation.

In a nutshell, the RISE with SAP Methodology is a best practice-aligned approach to help customers transform with confidence and achieve their business objectives. By bringing predictability to implementation, making our customers innovation ready for the cloud and applying clean core principles.

The approach encompasses the following phases:

  1. Discover and Evaluate: Build the clean core foundation for a successful transformation
  2. Prepare and Plan: Define scope and timelines with clear tasks and execution plans
  3. Move and Deploy: Go live with the cloud operational model
  4. Run and Innovate: Stay up-to-date and ready to take advantage of new capabilities

The RISE with SAP Methodology brings together an enriched SAP Activate, a new onboarding offering, and enhancements to SAP Cloud ALM, via the components below. This is available only for customers who signed the RISE contract after April 1st.


All RISE customers are entitled to an onboarding advisor. This is the initial human interaction with the customer post-signature to onboard them onto various RISE topics (such as provisioning, entitlements, overview). This expert will also onboard the customer onto the RISE with SAP Methodology and guide them in setting up the Clean Core Success Plan in SAP Cloud ALM.

Clean Core Success Plan

The initial success plan lists all tasks across the different SAP Activate phases and will be available in SAP Cloud ALM to be tracked and followed up digitally. Task and milestone statuses are available via the Clean Core Run book in the SAP Cloud ALM overview tab.

Quality-Gate Process Execution

One task in the Success Plan is the Quality Gate at the end of each Activate phase. The Q-Gate is executed on SAP Cloud ALM, with progress trackable via the Clean Core Run book.

Reporting & Follow-On Activities

Once the Q-Gate is completed, it is submitted to our SAP Enterprise Support Backoffice, which generates a report via XALM (internal SAP Cloud ALM for service delivery) and pushes it to the respective customer's SAP Cloud ALM services function. Recommendations can be added to the Success Plan as tasks by the customer. The report output will consist of two formats: (1) recommendations based on responses to the questionnaire, and (2) fact-based recommendations based on available telemetry from the customer system.

This learning delves into the core components of the RISE with SAP Methodology, offering insights into its practical applications and the solutions that support a successful cloud transformation powered by the RISE with SAP Methodology.

As an organization moves through the phases of the RISE with SAP Methodology, Discover and Evaluate, Prepare and Plan, Move and Deploy, and Run and Innovate, a set of tools supports the transformation. SAP BTP, SAP for Me, SAP Signavio, SAP LeanIX, Tricentis, SAP Build, SAP Integration Suite and SAP Cloud ALM all play a distinct role in moving to, and maintaining, a clean core, deploying SAP S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition and business specific extensions.

As you can see in the graphic above, the phases of the RISE with SAP Methodology align with tangible milestones related to different stages of the ERP deployment based on SAP Activate and the clean core approach. Throughout this transformation journey an integrated toolchain contributes to the success of the project. The combination of the different frameworks, with the tools and services designed to support them, comprise the RISE with SAP Methodology. These components will be further detailed in the following units and lessons of this course.

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