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  • Interpret how Tricentis facilitates the early detection and resolution of critical defects during software implementation projects

Tricentis as an Integral Part of the RISE with SAP Methodology

Tricentis Test Automation for SAP integrated with SAP Cloud ALM is a joint cloud-based offering from SAP and Tricentis. It combines the application lifecycle management capabilities of SAP Cloud ALM with the test automation capabilities of Tricentis, allowing to design automated, functional, end-to-end software tests and manage them with test orchestration, execution monitoring, and reporting capabilities.

Since 2020, SAP has been reselling Tricentis solution and has established a long-term roadmap for joint development. SAP and Tricentis provided the integration between SAP Solution Manager and SAP Enterprise Continuous Testing by Tricentis. But now the Tricentis Automation is available and integrated in the SAP Cloud ALM.

Indeed, SAP Cloud ALM and Tricentis are SaaS products providing a full application lifecycle management experience to SAP Enterprise Support customers.

Digital transformation requires continuous change, and continuous change necessitates continuous testing. Tricentis integrates and automates testing across enterprise solutions, SAP and third-party software, allowing organizations to deploy application changes swiftly while minimizing business risk. By making testing a catalyst for innovation, Tricentis ensures that businesses can keep pace with new technologies and methods that drive value and success.

The SAP Test Automation solution aligns testing with business priorities, ensuring that critical processes continue to run smoothly in dynamic environments. Its intuitive test authoring capabilities drive efficiency by detecting and fixing serious defects early in the implementation process. Furthermore, Tricentis facilitates a systemic approach to identifying and tracking risks in new software rollouts, enabling organizations to address issues before they impact production. This proactive approach reduces the need for costly post-production fixes and minimizes disruptions to crucial business processes.

Illustration of a testing cycle between application design and deployment, this cycle includes change impact analysis, continuous automated testing, and enterprise performance testing. Results are fed back to the design and build process and continue until ready for deployment. The key benefits of SAP Application Testing by Tricentis are: application release rates increased by 300%, production errors reduced by 78%, testing scope reduced by 84%, easier transition to SAP S/4HANA.

How does Tricentis support the RISE with SAP Methodology?

Tricentis plays a pivotal role in supporting the RISE with SAP Methodology through its advanced continuous testing solutions. These solutions are designed to accelerate innovation, reduce business risks, and enhance cost-efficiency across the digital transformation journey.

By integrating testing into the transformation journey, Tricentis ensures that testing becomes an integral part of the application lifecycle, supporting continuous improvement and innovation. Thereby accelerating the transformation, aligning perfectly with the goals of the RISE with SAP Methodology.

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