Using SAP Build to Compose Low-Code Solutions


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify the value and benefits of using SAP Build.
  • List easy-to-adopt use cases for SAP Build.

The Value of SAP Build

The low-code platform SAP Build enables citizen developers to visually compose and automate applications, processes, and business pages to improve their day-to-day tasks and processes.

As explained in the previous lesson, citizen development is becoming increasingly important for organizations in driving digital transformation. Using LCNC platforms, citizen developers can now contribute to digital transformation by creating the necessary applications or forms to capture data and automate processes. For example, a citizen developer can easily digitalize and automate a repetitive task by recording the steps on their screen and automating them with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This not only unleashes business expertise, it also saves time, so that citizen developers can focus on more important tasks.

Building low-code solutions with SAP Build is similar to crafting a slide deck for an upcoming presentation. By starting on a blank white canvas, templates and precoded components can be dragged into the canvas to create applications. The same is valid for process automation. With more than 1,300 prebuilt components available, automating processes has never been easier.

The visual creation of applications and business pages and the automation of processes without code are among the many added values offered by SAP Build. Business data and processes from SAP and non-SAP systems can be integrated using hundreds of prebuilt connectors and business content, which enables the creation of side-by-side extensions by improving seamless integration of external systems. In addition, secure collaboration across teams and projects is ensured as artifacts can be encapsulated for reuse in other projects and products. Aspects of observability and lifecycle management are also important requirements for enterprise applications. All these aspects were taken into account from the very beginning and are available in SAP Build.

Benefits of SAP Build

Both citizen developers and professional developers can benefit from SAP Build.

Despite the roles above, SAP Build also helps Business Analysts and other roles to quickly prototype and test ideas. This helps to reduce the time to market and to improve the quality of the final solution.

What's Possible with SAP Build?

Watch the video to learn about the use cases for SAP Build.


In this lesson, you learned about the value of SAP Build and the benefits it offers. You also learned about some use cases for SAP Build in different business areas.

Further Reading About the Value of SAP Build

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