Managing Competencies and Competency Libraries


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Manage competencies and competency libraries, and map competencies to job roles

Competency Management Using the Action Menu

As seen previously, you can manage competencies by going into the competency itself. You can also make several changes from the Actions menu within the competency library.

Select the buttons to learn about the Action Menu.

  • Download All allows you to download all competencies to be edited in a .csv file.  
  • Download allows you to download the selected competency to be edited in a .csv file.
  • Move to Another Category provides a list of existing categories so that the selected competency can be moved. 
  • Delete allows you to delete the selected competency; this action cannot be undone. 
  • Change Status allows you to change the status of the competency between Read Only, Hidden, and Editable. 

Competency Library Modification

After you establish competency libraries, the next step is to modify existing competencies or add new competencies. You can complete several competency-related tasks directly from the competency links within Admin Center, such as copying, modifying, adding, and deleting competencies. You can modify or customize the content of existing competency libraries; your changes affect only forms created after that change.

Manage Competencies

Business Example

In this exercise, you will be managing competencies in the library.

Learn how to manage competencies from the Competency Library.


  1. Edit competencies in the SuccessFactors 2.1 library.

    1. Navigate to Manage Competencies using Action Search.

    2. Select View your competency libraries, and choose the SuccessFactors 2.1 Competency Library, which includes 86 competencies.

    3. Select the first competency Accepting Direction.

    4. From the Category dropdown menu, select Add Category.

    5. Create a new category, and title it [Your Initials] Category.

    6. In Performance Details select Add Teaser Level and title the level [Your Initials] Teaser.

    7. From the Take Action menu in the new teaser, select Add Teaser.

    8. Create your own performance feedback in each of the three text boxes and define the tone of voice.

    9. Select the tab for Coaching Advice, and select the link for Click here for an example.

  2. Review and save your changes.

    1. Review the sample, add your own advice and select Save.

    2. In the lower left-hand corner, select Save for the entire competency.

  3. Designate the competencies ‘Acting Decisively’ and ‘Acting Strategically’ as core competencies in the Instance.

    1. Log in to the Instance and navigate to Manage Competencies from the Action Search bar.

    2. Select View your competency libraries, and choose the SuccessFactors 2.1 Competency Library.

    3. Select Acting Decisively, and, in the Core field, select the Yes radio button.

    4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Save Competency.

    5. Repeat the steps for the competency Acting Strategically.

Managing Job-Specific Competencies

Competencies mapped to a job role are job specific competencies.

The mapping is done either in:

  • Families and Roles (Available in Manage Job Roles)
  • Job Profile Builder (Available in Manage Job Role Content)

If a customer uses Job Profile Builder (JDM v2.0 in Provisioning), the system may behave differently. More information can be obtained in the Job Profile Builder Implementation/Administration guides. Or, you can check the course THR98 – SAP SuccessFactors Platform Advanced Academy that covers Job Profile Builder in more detail.

Map Competencies to Job Roles

Business Example

In this exercise, you define a new job role in an existing job family, and map competencies to this role.

Learn how to create job roles and map competencies to job roles.


  1. Verify that the following job roles already exist in your Instance. If this is not the case, proceed to the solution and follow steps a) through e).

    RoleJob Code
    Individual ContributorIC
    If the roles are already in your Instance, proceed to step 2.
    1. Log into the Instance and navigate to Manage Job Roles from the Action Search bar.

    2. Select the SuccessFactors family, then choose the + Create New Role button.

    3. Enter the Role Name Executive, and select + Add Job Code. Type EXEC in the Job Code field, and leave the Usage as Default.

    4. Choose Save & Close.

  2. Map 4 competencies of your choice to the Executive job role, like this example:

    • Adapting to Change

    • Championing Customer Needs

    • Pursuing Self-Development

    • Solving Complex Problems

    1. Select the Executive job role, and choose the button + Map New Competencies.

    2. Search within the SAP SuccessFactors 2.1 Competency Library, and add the relevant competencies.

    3. Select Save Changes, and then Finish.

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