Using the Candidate Profile Template (CPT)


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Import and export the CPT
  • Define the zones of the CPT
  • Test the CPT

CPT Export

The CPT can be uploaded or exported from Provisioning. To do this, navigate to ProvisioningManaging RecruitingEdit Candidate Profile Template.

Edit Candidate Profile Link

  • To export, copy the entire code and paste it into an XML editor.

Do not edit the CPT in Provisioning. Always export to an XML editor and then re-import when you are ready to test.

CPT Import

To import revised CPT code, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the code from the XML editor and paste it into Provisioning.

  2. Replace the existing code but make sure to back it up first in case you need to revert back.

  3. Click Save Form.

The keyboard shortcut to Select All is Ctrl + A.
  1. Select all (Ctrl + A) of the template in your editor and copy (Ctrl + C).

  2. Go to the Provisioning page.

  3. Select all (Ctrl + A) of the existing code and delete to remove the existing content.

  4. Paste (Ctrl + V) your new code into theProvisioning page.

CPT Import Process Validation

When you are uploading the CPT template the system will validate it for the following:

  • Required attributes of data fields

  • Availability of mapped standard fields with SM data model

CPT Template Checks

The following checks are performed:

  • SM-mapping defined, but field cannot be found in candidate profile and/or in SM data model.

  • "Required" attributes of respective fields do not match.

  • Field is a picklist on one side and a regular field on other side.

  • Both respective fields are picklists, but with different picklist IDs.

  • Background elements have same IDs but different type-IDs.

  • Number of data fields of a background element is different in both models.

  • For two respective data fields with the same ID, the title must match.

  • For two respective data fields with picklists, the picklist IDs must match.

Version control is critical. Always save a clean copy of the CPT code you are replacing before importing a new version.  This helps you go back in case your new code does not work.

Template Versioning

Before making any changes to an XML template, be sure to export the current XML version first.

Always export two copies of the XML file. Mark one copy as original for that day and archive it. Then work with the second copy and date the file for that day.

This process of exporting two copies and archiving should be followed for every type of template: application, requisition, profile, data model, and offer approval. Following a standard process is especially important when more than one person is working with the files.

CPT Configuration

When configuring an XML template, such as the candidate profile template (CPT), never start from scratch. Starter templates are available.

CPT Configuration Zones

The CPT code is often referred to by zones. The zone breakdown is as follows:

Zone 1 - Meta Section

Zone 2 - Field Definitions

Zone 3 - Background Elements

Zone 4 - Data Mappings

Zone 5 – Permissions

Search Index

After the CPT is uploaded into Provisioning, the search index needs to be built. The candidate uses the search index to search for jobs.

Changes to the candidate profile do not require a re-indexing of the search index. Always refer to the Recruiting Implementation Guide for the latest instructions on indexing.

CPT Testing

External candidates can access the candidate profile via the My Profile tab in the Career Portal.

Career portals and their associated links can be viewed in Admin Center.

Once the CPT has been configured and the site has been indexed, the CPT can be tested.

Internal candidates can access the candidate profile via the My Candidate Profile tab, a sub tab located under the Careers tab.

As the consultant, you need to help your customer make the profile quick and easy to update, mostly by not having too many fields or by making background sections required.

CPT Troubleshooting

Here are several common CPT configuration issues that customers may encounter:

  • Scenario 1: Employees have to re-enter the information from their People Profile when they complete the candidate profile.

    • Are the background elements in the Succession Data Model set up to match the fields in the Candidate Profile Template?

    • Does the code exist to synchronize the field from the People Profile to the Employee Data file?

  • Scenario 2: Jobs are not posting.

    • Has the initial search index been completed?

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