Introducing SAP Central Business Configuration


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SAP Central Business Configuration


SAP Central Business Configuration is the tool designed to let you configure a business process spanning different SAP cloud solutions from one central place. SAP Central Business Configuration supports the configuration of SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition, but aims at seamless implementation of end-to-end business processes across SAP’s cloud portfolio. Every new SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition customer uses SAP Central Business Configuration for their implementation.

Key Solution Characteristics

  1. Scoping via business adaptation catalog (BAC) and end-to-end processes
  2. Quick access to a pre-configured, ready-to-run system
  3. Option to adapt pre-configuration to customer needs
  4. Extended configuration for areas not equipped with pre-configuration content
  5. Enable delta deployment of scope extensions(for example, additional countries/regions with pre-configuration)

Key Target Components

  1. Project Experience
  2. Scoping and Organizational Structure
  3. Central Configuration
  4. Business Configuration Workspace
  5. Pre-configuration Content

Key Benefits

  1. Central Configuration of Business Processes Across the Intelligent Enterprise (IE)
  2. Fast Company Roll-outs
  3. Reduced Configuration Efforts

SAP Central Business Configuration Process Overview

SAP Central Business Configuration allows you to manage your configurations for SAP S/4HANA Cloud implementations and ongoing operations centrally via Project Experience. You can initiate change anytime to make additions to your scope, countries/regions, and organizational structure or make changes to your configuration settings.

Summary of Key Features and Advantages:

SAP Central Business Configuration is the central place for customers and partners to look at SAP cloud business processes, learn about their value, and select the suitable processes for their business. Customers and partners can manage SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition implementation projects centrally, with the aim to deploy the configurations to the target systems.

The implementation project experience includes:

  1. Scoping
    • Scoping of the SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition solution
    • Multi-Country scoping
    • Country-dependent scoping of non-standard scenarios
  2. Organizational Structure Management
    • Supports customers in modeling their organizational structure
    • Graphical, scope-dependent, and guided creation of organizational units
  3. Configuration
    • Configuration activities during the Product-Specific Configuration phase

SAP Central Business Configuration is intended to make project implementations for SAP cloud solutions easier and more efficient, and enable customers and partners to run their projects more autonomously.

Project Experience

Project Experience

Project Experience allows you to manage your configurations and ongoing operations for implementations centrally. It guides you step-by-step through the whole implementation process.

Project Experience in 2 System Landscape and 3 System Landscape

 2 system Landscape (2SL)3 system Landscape (3SL)
Project PhasesYou have three Project Phases
  • Scope and Organizational Structure phase
  • Product specific Configuration Phase
  • Production System Settings phase
You only have two project phases:
  • Scope and Organizational Structure phase
  • Product-Specific Configuration phase
Project TypesYou work with two Projects
  • One Evaluation
  • One Implementation
You work with Four Projects
  • Two Evaluation
  • Two Implementation
Deployment TargetsIn the Deployment Targets app, you assign a deployment target to your project for each system (starter, quality, and production).In the Deployment Targets app, you assign a deployment target to your project for the following systems:
  • Starter system: You assign one starter customizing tenant and one starter development tenant.
  • Development system: You assign one customizing tenant and one development tenant
Systems TabThe Systems tab is displayed, where you need to carry out the following:
  • Request Systems, Quality System, Production system
  • Release Configuration settings into Production system
The Systems tab is not displayed since its related project activities are handled outside SAP Central Business Configuration.
Ongoing OperationsAfter completing the last milestone Confirm Production System Settings Are Completed, the project switches to ongoing operations mode.The project remains open in the Product-Specific Configuration phase. The project will not close or switch to ongoing operations.

What is Project Experience?

The Project Experience app is the main user interface of SAP Central Business Configuration and guides you through your evaluation and implementation projects, as well as ongoing operations. Every project is structured into phases,which contain specific activities that you need to carry out.

Project Experience gives you information about:

  • Project type
  • Phase
  • Milestones
  • Activities and their status

Project Experience enables you to:

  • Create a Project
  • Switch between projects
  • Add team members to your project
  • Maintain the status of project and configuration activities
  • Access all applications (for example, Define Scope, Deployment Targets,Set Up Organizational Structure, or Configuration Activities)

Project Experience: Prerequisites

  • You’ve requested the provisioning of your SAP Central Business Configuration and SAP S/4HANACloud tenants via SAP for Me
  • You’ve finished the user setup and access via the Identity Authentication Service (IAS) and Identity Provisioning Service (IPS)

Project Experience: Project Types

  • You typically start with an evaluation project to explore your business processes before you create a separate implementation project to tackle your actual implementation.
  • The evaluation project offers pre-configured content and demo data that you can use to test and evaluate business processes.
  • In the evaluation project, you prepare the settings that will be deployed to the starter system.

Evaluation Project

  • Limited scope selection with the Enterprise Management bundle preselected
  • Pre-configured and pre-confirmed organizational structure with the option to add further units

Implementation Project

  • Free scope selection from the available scope
  • Free setup of the organizational structure

Scoping And Deployment Targets


In scoping, you define the capabilities of your solution by choosing the countries/regions and business scenarios relevant for your business. This enables SAP Central Business Configuration to put together the pre-configured settings for this individual solution.

The Scope phase in SAP Central Business Configuration consists of:

  • Scoping-related project activity, which guides you in selecting the capabilities of your solution.
  • Assign Deployment Target activity, in which you connect your project to the dedicated SAP S/4HANA Cloud System.
  • Confirm Scoping is Completed milestone

Key Features

  • The Define Scope project activity guides you through the process of defining the scope of your solution.
  • You define the scope of your project by selecting countries/regions and scenarios. A scenario contains predefined content for the implementation of a business process. Scenarios can also be grouped into bundle.
  • Because each company has unique business requirements, the system enables you to make a series of business decisions to adjust the content and determine which of the available features and functions you want to incorporate into your solution.
  • Built-in rules ensure that your selected content is logical and consistent from a technical and business point of view
  • The system calculates the configuration settings that are needed to realize the business scenarios for the countries/regions that you have selected for this project
  • You can add any additional countries/regions or scope later via the Initiate Change feature.


Mandatory Selections

  • Countries/Regions
  • Scope Bundles

Optional Selection ( Directly by the Customer)

  • IFRS or/and US GAAP non-standard group ledger scenarios
  • Additional standard scenarios
  • Non-standard scenarios that do not require additional manual steps to be performed by SAP

Optional Selection (Via Ticket)

  • Locked non-standard and license dependent scenarios can be added to the scope by the SAP support team

Deployment Target

A deployment target represents a dedicated system tenant of the assigned solution. To exchange content from your projects to a cloud solution, you must specify a deployment target in the Deployment Targets app, where deployment targets are listed and can be assigned or removed.

When opening the app, you see a list with deployment targets that are available and provisioned by SAP cloud operations. You can only assign deployment targets that are not assigned to any other project. The available deployment targets also depend on your project type (evaluation or implementation project). In case no system tenant has been provided, the list will be empty.

A list with all deployment targets that are available and provisioned by the SAP operations team will be displayed on the Deployment Targets tab

  • One deployment target can be assigned to only one project
  • You can assign or remove a deployment target only during the Scope phase
  • The data from SAP Central Business Configuration will be deployed to the assigned target SAP S/4HANA Cloud system
  • After initial deployment to the target system, you can check the deployment and activation details using the navigation button on the Deployment Targets tab.

Confirming Scope

Based on the scope selection, relevant customizing and configuration activities are identified.

By Confirming Scoping Is Completed, relevant configuration activities are being calculated. The subsequent activities are dependent on the chosen scope.


After confirming your scope, you cannot delete any countries/regions, bundles, or scenarios. These choices are irreversible. It is possible to add enhancements (for example, additional countries/regions) later

There is no system-supported license check in place for license-dependent scenarios. Before confirming this milestone, make sure you have requested these scenarios and the ticket has been completed.

Organizational Structure Management

You can use the Set Up Organizational Structure app to set up your organizational structure.

The Set Up Organizational Structure app supports in modeling your organizational structure with predefined organizational units and templates before activating any content. The tool supports you to:

  • Define your organization structure and then activate the content data
  • Enhance your organization structure as per the business requirement, when you have been using an activated solution already and would like to enhance your organizational structure using the tool, for example to add a new plant to your existing organizational structure.

You adapt the organizational structure in the Product-Specific Configuration phase. The Set Up Organizational Structure app is closely connected with the scoping. The selected scope specifies which organizational units are required to run the underlying processes.

The Set Up Organizational Structure app is a key user application based on Business Application Factory meta data information. You need to specify all relevant parameters for every organizational unit.

The Set Up Organizational Structure app is a very flexible tool with which you can create your organizational structure while following some rules:

  • All countries/regions you have chosen in scoping should have at least one company code defined, and one of the company codes is defined as the default company code
  • Every sales organization should have a plant assigned as the recommended delivery plan
  • Please note that there are restrictions and limitations when you create relationships between organizational units

After the organizational structure is confirmed, two follow up actions are triggered:

  • Organizational structure templates with all dependent configuration settings are instantiated to the workspace
  • Organization dependent configuration activities can be identified (for example, specify the company code currency).

Key Features

  • Graphic view – graphical, scope-dependent, and guided creation of organizational units
  • Table view – all org units are listed in a table
  • Org structure can be set up as draft and reviewed before activation. Deleting and changing units and assignments is possible anytime before confirming them.
  • Checks in place to make sure all mandatory organizational units and relations based on the selected scope have been created

Product-Specific Configuration

Configuration Activities

To adjust system settings to your business requirements, you carry out configuration activities.

To perform configuration activities, the Scope and Organizational Structure phase and all related project activities must be completed and you are in the following phases:

  • Product-Specific Configuration and Production System Settings phases (2-system landscape)
  • Product-Specific Configuration phase (3-system landscape)

In the Configuration Activities tab, you can see the configuration activities in tree view. The configuration activities are organized hierarchically according to their business areas. Each configuration activity has a unique identifier (ID), which is the configuration activity ID also used in other reference materials.

You can find the status of each configuration activity in the Status column, and change the status if you are in the Product-Specific Configuration phase. You can also see the number of configuration activities in each hierarchical level. Position the cursor on the numbers to see detailed information of the configuration activities status.


The availability of configuration activities including their documentation depends on the SAP S/4HANA Cloud solution.


Launching a configuration activity in Project Experience opens the target system where you can process the activity. To process configuration activities, you need to have corresponding authorizations in the target system as well.

Configuration activities are labeled as mandatory, recommended, or optional configuration activities:

  • Mandatory configuration activities are implementation and project management activities that you need to complete before you can go live with your solution
  • Recommended configuration activities are the ones which are very commonly used to adapt or change something.
  • Optional configuration activities can be reviewed and adjusted where necessary.

In the Product-Specific Configuration phase, configuration activities cover detail settings of the solution process, for example, Define Sales Organization. Launching a configuration activity opens the SAP S/4HANA Cloud system where you can perform the activity. Furthermore, some configuration activities provide easy access to setup instructions (CIAS) or setup guides.

Key Features

By performing configuration activities, you can centrally tailor business processes via SAP Central Business Configuration to meet your company’s requirements.

  • Configuration activities take your scope and country selections into account
  • Flexible ledger setup and assignment of accounting principles
  • Flexible chart of accounts and renumbering of G/L accounts

Standard Roles and Authorizations

Roles and authorizations allow the users to access the system and relevant features in a secure way.

SAP Central Business Configuration provides a set of standard roles providing authorizations to perform different implementation tasks in Project Experience. The system can be accessed only by users with authorizations.

Users can access only those projects to which they are assigned. The only exceptions are users with program manager and auditor roles who will always have access to all projects.

Roles And Authorization

Role NamesRole IDs/ User GroupsAuthorizations and Tasks
Program managerSAP_CBC_CONSUMPTION_PROGRAM_LEADPerforming Project Experience tasks across all projects, without being assigned to the projects. There is no access restriction to specific projects.
Project managerSAP_CBC_CONSUMPTION_PROJECT_LEADPerforming Project Experience tasks within assigned projects.
Key userSAP_CBC_CONSUMPTION_KEY_USERPerforming Project Experience tasks within assigned projects, except critical activities such as creating a project and initiating a change.
Display userSAP_CBC_CONSUMPTION_DISPLAY_USERRead access to Project Experience tasks within assigned projects.
AuditorSAP_CBC_CONSUMPTION_AUDITORRead access to Project Experience tasks, access to Change Logs tab and download change logs CSV across all projects.

When new roles become available in SAP Central Business Configuration, the list of related user groups needs to be updated in the Identity Authentication service.

Configure Product-Specific Elements

Performing Configuration Activities and Calling Up Setup Instructions.

The following procedure describes how to perform a configuration activity or call up setup instructions.


  • Milestones Confirm Scoping is Completed and Confirm Scope and Organizational Structure Phase is Completed are confirmed.


  • In Project Experience, go to the Configuration Activities tab.
  • Search for the configuration activity you need.
  • To search for a configuration activity:
    • In the filter bar, enter the name or the ID of the configuration activity in the search field.
      • For example, enter Asset, and you can see a list of all configuration activities with "asset" in their names. Searching with name can get all the matching business areas in the result as well.
      • You can also search with the ID. For example, you can enter 100222 to find configuration activity Sales Organizations
  • To call up a setup instruction, choose the Open Guide hyperlink in its row.
  • After performing the activity, choose Complete Activity to set the Status of this configuration activity to Completed.

You need to save your configuration in the activity to have the configuration performed in SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Marking a configuration activity as Completed in SAP Central Business Configuration does not necessarily mean the configuration is performed in SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

Calling Up Setup Instructions

  • In the filter bar, you can enter name or ID in the search field to search for configuration activities, and use filters such as go-live relevance, status, and business areas to limit your search.
  • To call up a setup instruction, choose the Open Guide hyperlink in its row.

Configuration Activities

You, as the key user for configuration, can check and make changes to configuration settings or create new ones if needed in your configuration Environment of SAP S/4 HANA Cloud.

The below mentioned link provides an overview of the configuration activities that are available for Maintenance Management, the settings you can make, and the applicable scope items. You can access these activities via the search function in your configuration environment.

Recommended Resources

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