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Carrier Integration Steps to Success

Steps to Get Integrated and GTM

Test Environment

  1. Request test tenant via link.
  2. Configure profile, user, and so on.
  3. Request test tech user by raising incident via SAP Support Portal with component SCM-LBN-INT mentioning LBN ID. (procure an Oauth 2.0 client ID and secret for carrier to call LBN API)
  4. Setup inbound connections and outbound connections via documentationand Reference video.
  5. Testing - generate test call from system connection app via document.

Production Environment

  1. Shipper/SAP to invite carrier, or carrier directly requests prod tenant sending mail to providing info: company name, contact email, address, phone, SCAC if applicable.
  2. Step 2 - 5 remain same as have done in test environment.

To obtain support, post questions/issues here this repository.

Steps in detail here.

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