Mapping Customer Needs with SAP Business Network for Solutions


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify the backend system requirements for SAP Business Network for Logistics products.
  • Identify the product required based on customer needs.
  • Describe the customer persona based on their challenges.

How to Talk About SAP Business Network for Logistics?

Every customer is unique and so are their requirements. It’s important to recognize the key areas served by each SAP Business Network solution to be able to cater to the customer needs.

Please study the information below that categorizes the various SAP Business Network solutions into their primary function, the relevant industries, and the back-end system requirements for implementing these solutions.

Signals from Your Customers

If a customer has a set of requirements, we can map the requirements with the features of various solutions. Look at the following set of questions that relate to the three focus areas: Carrier Collaboration, Logistics Visibility, and Integrity. The diagram also identifies the SAP Business Network for Logistics solution that maps to each requirement.

Who Buys SAP Business Network for Logistics – Target Personas

The examples of personas who are potential buyers of the SAP Business Network for Logistics solution are Transportation and Warehouse/DC Coordinator, VP of Transportation, and Chief Supply Chain Officer or COO.

Select each tile to view the information on their situation, challenges, and the features offered by SAP Business Network for Logistics.

Network Partner Ecosystem

SAP has partnered with various companies to support with the implementation of SAP Business Network for Logistics solutions.

Study the following information that lists the various companies providing services in the fields of carrier collaboration, logistics visibility, and integrity.

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