Defining Connections


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Define Data Connections

Overview of Connections

A connection is a named set of parameters that define how SAP reporting applications can access relational or OLAP data sources. A connection can be stored locally or n the SAP Business Intelligence Platform and referenced by a local shortcut in the Information Design Tool

Local Connections

A connection is the basis for any universe because it defines what the data source is and where it is located. In other words, it points to the data source.

Local connections are saved as independent objects on the local file system as .cnx files. They can be used by any user with access to the system running the Information Design Tool. Local connections have limited or no security.

Secured Connections

A local connection can be published to the SAP Business Intelligence Platform repository. Once the connection is in the repository, it is considered to be a secured connection. Secured connections can also be created directly in the repository. Secured connections are subject to security restraints in the repository.

A secured connection cannot be copied to the local file system but is available in the Local Projects View as a connection shortcut that references the secured connection. The shortcut can be used in the same way as a local connection, but the connection properties can be modified only by connecting to the repository system.

Purpose of Secured Connections

Use secured connections and connection shortcuts for the following purposes:

  • To retrieve data for universes published to a repository.
  • To retrieve data for SAP BusinessObjects reporting products directly accessing database middleware.
  • To provide direct access to an OLAP cube.

A secured connection is subject to the following general security constraints in the repository:

  • Users must be authenticated.
  • User rights can be defined at the user level to grant or deny access to connections or connection properties.
  • Only authenticated users can use and share connections.

Create a Relational Connection in Project

Now that you have created a local project, create a connection to a data source. Your organization uses SQLAnywhere17 as its primary database with an ODBC connection.

Create a Connection Shortcut in the Project

You need to create a second universe for staffing information. A connection to the appropriate database already exists in your SAP Business Intelligence Platform repository, so you create a shortcut to that connection.

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