Deploying a Universe


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Document Universe Resources
  • Deploy a Universe

Resource Documentation

To create documentation for a resource, you can save any resource in a local project as a report in a local file by right-clicking the resource in the project folder. For larger resources (data foundations and business layers), you can select which metadata elements to include in the report.

Universe Deployment

Publication is the last step in the universe creation process. You publish a business layer to either your local file system or a repository. When you publish a business layer, the business layer and the resources it references (connection shortcuts and data foundation) are exported, and a universe is created..

Only business layers built on local connections can be published locally. They can be business layers based on a local OLAP connection, or business layers based on a single-source data foundation with a local connection.

The published universe is saved in the local file system folder that you specify and is available only to users of that local machine.

Repository Publishing

To secure a universe, publish it to the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform repository on a Central Management Server (CMS). The universe inherits the object-level security and user security rights defined for the CMS. The data and metadata in the universe are secured by defining security profiles in the Information Design Tool Security Editor, covered later in this course.

To publish a universe to a repository, the business layer must reference a secured connection shortcut. All shortcuts must reference connections defined in the repository where the universe is to be published.

Publish a Universe

Now that your universe is completed, make it available to your business users.

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