Including a Core Universe


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Core Universe Inclusion

When you include a core universe into a linked universe, you permanently integrate all objects from the selected core into the current universe. The link with the core universe is broken, and its objects in the current universe now exist independently from the core universe. All objects are now managed within the current universe. It is like copying the entire universe data foundation and business layer and pasting everything into another universe.

Including core universe objects into the current universe is definitive, so you cannot return to any previous state. Once the link is broken, all previous core objects now have an independent lifecycle from the core universe.

To Include a Core Universe

  1. In the Business Layer Editor, click the Core Business Layer tab.

  2. Click a core universe name in the list.

  3. Click the Include core button.

    The core universe is removed from the list.

When you save the current universe, the previous core business layer and data foundation components are displayed exactly the same as the original components of the universe. The included core components are now writable. The core universe object and table naming font is replaced with the same labeling as the components specific to the current universe.

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